Happy Independence Day America… You Blew it !

Benjamin Franklin, A Republic If You Can Keep It
Benjamin Franklin, A Republic If You Can Keep It

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As we celebrate America’s Independence from a tyrannical government back in 1776, House Republicans in the swamp known as D.C. are considering voting on a bill that violates multiple freedoms that were specifically protected in the Bill of Rights by our Founding Fathers.

Justin Amash posted it perfectly on his Facebook page earlier:



You can read the bill here. Here is just one portion of it:


(a) In General.–Section 922(t) of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:

“(7)(A) When the Attorney General is notified of a request to transfer a firearm or an explosive to a person who is being, or has been investigated during the previous 5 years, as a known or suspected terrorist, the Attorney General shall, as appropriate, notify relevant Federal, State, or local law enforcement agencies or intelligence agencies concerning the identity of the prospective transferee.

“(B) Upon being notified of a prospective transfer of a firearm or an explosive to a person who is being investigated as a known or suspected terrorist, the Attorney General or the United States attorney for the district in which the licensee is located may–

“(i) delay the transfer of the firearm or explosive for a period not to exceed 3 business days; and

“(ii) file an emergency petition in a court of competent jurisdiction to prohibit the transfer of the firearm or explosive, which petition shall receive the highest priority on the docket of that court.

“(C)(i) An emergency petition filed under subparagraph (B) shall be granted upon a showing of probable cause to believe that the prospective transferee will commit an act of terrorism, or is prohibited from possessing or receiving a firearm under subsection (g) or (n).

“(ii) An emergency petition filed under subparagraph (B) to prohibit the transfer of a firearm or explosive may be granted only after a hearing–

“(I) of which the prospective transferee receives actual notice; and

“(II) at which the prospective transferee has an opportunity to participate with counsel.

“(iii) In the case of an emergency petition filed under subparagraph (B) which is denied, the court shall require that the United States pay the costs and attorney fees of the prospective transferee.”.

(b) Rule of Construction.–The amendments made by this section do not preclude the Attorney General from arresting and detaining a person, including a person described in section 922(t)(7) of title 18,

United States Code, with regard to whom an emergency petition has been filed under such paragraph, if the Attorney General has probable cause to believe that the person has committed, conspired to commit, or attempted to commit an act of terrorism.

If a person is a ‘known terrorist,’ why the hell aren’t they being prosecuted? What in the hell is wrong with Republicans that they have lost any semblance to the party of freedom and liberty? They’ve become no better than bottom feeder Democrats who abhor the Constitution unless they are pleading the 5th.

The reality is Americans have built this. Too many haven’t bothered paying attention to what’s going on in their local, state or federal government. When they hear about ridiculous laws that infringe upon EVERYONE’S rights, they don’t get it. They think these laws won’t affect them.

Clearly too many Americans have forgotten history and therefore are doomed to repeat it.

The government has grown to the point where they believe they are our overlords. They know what’s best for us so they’ll make these important decisions that DO NOTHING to stop the ‘bad guys’ but EVERYTHING to infringe upon the rights of EVERYONE.

Unfortunately, many Americans don’t even know what Independence Day is or why it ultimately happened. From The Tenth Amendment Center:

When people think of the causes of the American War for Independence, they think of slogans like “no taxation without representation” or cause célèbre like the Boston Tea Party.

In reality, however, what finally forced the colonials into a shooting war with the British Army in April 1775 was not taxes or even warrant-less searches of homes and their occupation by soldiers, but one of many attempts by the British to disarm Americans as part of an overall gun control program, according to David B. Kopel.

Furthermore, had the American colonies lost their war for independence, the British government intended to strip them of all their guns and place them under the thumb of a permanent standing army.

In his paper titled “HOW THE BRITISH GUN CONTROL PROGRAM PRECIPITATED THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION,” Kopel claims that various gun control policies by the British following the Boston Tea Party, including a ban on firearm and gunpowder importation, tells us not only the purpose of the Second Amendment, but its relevance within the context of today’s gun control debate.

The only difference between 1776 and 2016 is the tyrants are now in D.C.

You built that America. Happy Birthday.

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