George Lopez says we need to deport police to make us safer! IDIOT!

Why do you people support these looons! No really. Time to teach Hollywood a lesson. They need to shut up. This guy thinks cops are more dangerous than people who break the law!

George Lopez Tells Trump To Deport The Police

Actor-comedian George Lopez has a suggestion for the Trump administration about deportation to make the streets safer, except it’s not criminals he wants deported, it’s the police.

In an Instagram post on Friday, Lopez can be seen standing next to a wall with the words, “The Trump administration is deporting Latinos to make the streets safer… You wanna make the streets safer deport the police.”

He then added in a comment, “This is not an indictment of all Law Enforcement , some still just beat you #gacho #georgelopezonhbo #TheWall @momorodriguez #gracias.”

A majority of the comments about the post were negative:

chelsea_aparicio San Antonio just buried a Hispanic police officer recently, he was killed in the line of duty. There is nothing but support for our police officers. You should be trying to bring people closer, not encouraging Trump’s BS behavior.

[email protected] what a great way to end your career. Ask Kathy Griffin

[email protected] I never had you pegged as a cop hater

francesca0910On my way to vigil for a fallen Dominican police officer in New York City she lost her life in the line of duty and left behind 3 beautiful children, so find your comments disrespectful and distasteful as a fellow Latino I’m very disappointed @georgelopez

arizona_nandoThey should deport your face Por feo… Gacho

giblocc_11bGrow up bro everyone hates the cops till they get robbed or shot stop being ignorant.

delosreyes_santiagoShould they first start with all LAPD officers who are Hispanic??? @georgelopez

[email protected] how can you say something like that? Why don’t you do a ride along with a local Police Department so you can see what we actually do!

[email protected] I thought you were better than this.

[email protected] Eres una vergüenza para los Hispanos! (Translation: You’re a disgrace for Hispanics!) Sincerely-Mexican Police Officer

After the backlash, Lopez set his Instagram account to be private.

Do you think that George Lopez’s post could be excused for an attempt at comedy?

I think hes just an ungrateful creep !

Read the rest at: Blue Lives Matter

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