Dear White Privilege Deniers!

Dear White People,

With the current events happening in our country, there are thousands of articles, videos and Facebook posts that explain the Black Lives Matter Movement, white privilege and racism. There are people who think (wrongfully) that BLM is a movement against white people and police. In response to the recent outing of police brutality via the internet and the injustice that prevails in the black community when one of its members is killed, it’s no surprise that the term “White Privilege” ignites defensiveness. Everytime another police brutality case surfaces, there are those who inevitably rush to defend their actions via social media. Most recently,  Steven Hildreth, Jr. who shortly after the death of Alton Sterling, tweeted his positive experience when pulled over by police, attributing it to him being cooperative. I noticed that all my white friends were quick to repost and share as if this negated, justified or flipped the blame for police. While no one in the black community believes that all cops are bad apples, posting such articles in the wake of yet another black person’s untimely death by law enforcement, is even more misguided than saying “all lives matter” in response to BLM. So in light of that, I’d like to explain some things about white privilege and what it really means.

1. Just because you had hardships in your life, doesn’t mean you aren’t  privileged. Nobody is denying or discrediting the hard work and obstacles you might’ve faced. Nevertheless, If you are white, you are the beneficiary of white privilege. That’s right. Just because you don’t notice it or see it or feel it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. What does this mean? Well, say that you’re a white person who committed various crimes. Maybe you were in and out of rehab and had your children in foster care.  Here is a list of things that will not happen to you:

  • You will not be questioned for carrying a weapon so long as you don’t point it at anyone.
  • People will not think twice before sitting next to you in the subway.
  • You will not be followed by security at a bank.
  • People will not assume and therefore treat your children as if they are also going to become criminals.
  • You will not be treated like a charity case at a restaurant.
  • You will not be targeted for driving a luxury car.
  • People will not assume you are uneducated.
  • You will not fear for your life when being pulled over for an infraction.

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