Baby Sex Dolls – REALLY?

Child sex dolls the size of girls aged THREE available to buy in the UK … and they’re completely legal

WARNING: Disturbing content. The world of sex dolls online includes tiny childlike figures which boast of being ‘pretty’ with ‘realistic skin’ – Sex dolls that look like 3 year olds

Sex dolls are being sold online which look just like girls aged three years old – and they’re shipping to customers in the UK.

The dark world of child sex dolls has been revealed, with one website boasting hundreds of models from different suppliers.

AliExpress features the dolls – which are legally sound for buyers who desire them here in the UK – many of which specify their height as being around 100-140cm tall – the average height range of three to nine-year-old girls.

Child sex dolls are a popular online purchase for residents across the world, with videos like the one above intended to showcase similar merchandise for buyers.

Painting the dolls as people with personalities for buyers to groom , they use lines to promote them like “The innocent girl is waiting for your welcome.”

Online, the dolls, priced around £390 to £650, are searchable online under phrases like ‘Loli dolls’ for Lolita, ‘mini pretty girls’ and ‘real human dolls’, reports the Daily Star.

And the photographs, many too shocking to show here, feature some of the sex aids in sexual positions, including bending over in front of a mirror.

The transaction history of the dolls reveals that UK buyers have purchased them online in the past few months, with one buyer snapping a doll up at around 10pm on April 19, and another sending for one at 10am on May 7.

Another doll was purchased on June 20 by a UK browser at 11 in the morning.

With ‘cyberskin’ – a silicone material that’s intended to be as likelike as possible – stretched over metal skeletons, there are lists of what the doll is suited to – including different types of sexual activity and “emotional companionship”.

Some allow customers to select eye and hair colour and style, as well as nail varnish selections.

One seller wrote, as quoted by the Daily Star: “What you see is what you get. Sell with doll video.

“Leave your email address for naked pictures and doll video.”

This full virtual reality SEX SUIT is as shocking as it sounds:

The feedback ratings reveal satisfied customers, with one Japan resident writing: “It’s exactly like a real size little girl… The face style is very natural and cute.”

A British buyer told how they were “happy with the high quality doll” and how it “comes with everything you see in the picture”.

One article stated the Lifelike child sex dolls were created to ‘stop paedophiles committing crimes’

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