Alphabet News wont cover Kate’s Law! WHY?

Study Shows Networks Cover Trump’s Tweets But Not Kate’s Law

House passage of legislation to toughen penalties for illegal aliens who return to the U.S. after deportation was put on the back burner by network newscasts that devoted far more time to two anti-media tweets by President Donald Trump, according to a media watchdog group.

The Media Research Center tracked coverage of Trump’s tweets about MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough and compared it to coverage of House passage of two immigration bills.

One House bill would bar sanctuary cities from receiving federal grants. The other, known as Kate’s Law, would make it harder for illegal immigrants who commit crimes to re-enter the U.S. The law was named for Kate Steinle, who was shot to death in 2015 by an illegal immigrant with multiple felonies and deportations.

The Media Research Center reported that Thursday evening’s network news coverage gave 28 times more space to the tweets than the House action.

Collectively, the networks spent more than 12 minutes of coverage on Trump’s tweets. The House action received only 26 seconds of coverage, the Media Research Center reported, and that was on one network: NBC. The legislation received no mention whatsoever on CBS and ABC.

The Media Research Center kept up its analysis on the Friday morning news shows and found coverage of the tweets amounted to 52 times the reporting given to the House bills.

Overall, ABC, NBC and CBS devoted more than 24 minutes collectively of morning news show time Friday to the tweets. Only one network covered the immigration laws — CBS — and gave the House action 28 seconds of air time.

That disparity in coverage was attacked by commentator Emily Jashinsky, writing for the Washington Examiner.

“Although it’s unlikely the legislation will survive a vote in the Senate, the decision by two of the three major networks simply to blow it off is somewhat remarkable,” she wrote.

“Millions of viewers around the country still depend on nightly news programs to keep them informed on developments in Washington, a task that requires more respect for political balance than these networks are willing to muster. That number has long been in decline — and given editorial decisions like these, perhaps that’s a good thing if we’re hoping to have a well-informed voting population,”………….

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