YO Dance coaches – can you PLEASE stop sexualizing your students!

It is not like I am old fashioned or something, especially when it
comes to arts. Lately, dancing has become very popular among
younger generations. We constantly see children doing performances in front of an audience.
However, it’s not OK to sexualize them.

This ones goes to the dancing teachers.

You need to understand that changes need to be made. You have to stop sending children in front in public almost naked.

Maybe you wanted to make the show look more dynamic, or
strategically place a piece of chiffon somewhere on that underwear, but these are children we’re talking about.

I’m also curious to know what do the parents of these children think?  Dear parents, you have to say no to this kind of dressing of your child, even if the teacher says that it’s good for their performance.

As an experienced dance teacher, I try to stay open minded about
everything, especially arts. But as time goes on, I’m witnessing a
change in kids’ dancing costumes – they are becoming smaller and smaller.

Nowadays, elegant costumes have almost disappeared, and they have been replaced with the so called hot shorts or bloomers, and kids wear them performing on stage under lighting.

For me it is wrong to send a 9-year-old or even a 16-year-old dressed like this on stage in front of an audience.

Some trainers might think they are costuming their students to look like the people they aspire to be one day… perhaps Misty Copeland or Beyoncé… But they seem to forget that they’re only kids.

In an ad on a popular magazine Misty Copeland was photographed in just her underwear. But the crucial thing here is that she is a grown woman. In addition, the photo was taken from an ad for underwear and it is not meant to be a dancing costume. She is not on stage half naked in front of audience dancing in her underwear.

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