Wonder Women was Raped?

Apparently being the Superhero Woman in a movie is not enough for the VERY far left. One writer at SLATE stated that Wonder Women may have been raped because she felt like she had to have sex with the lead actor. Really? LADY ITS A MOVIE!

Does Christina Cauterucci think that Wonder Woman was raped?

Cauterucci is a social justice warrior and writer for Slate (but I repeat myself). In her recent assessment of the new blockbuster movie, Wonder Woman, Cauterucci argues that, despite positive reviews and the male eunuchs at Slate weeping over the female empowerment on display, Wonder Woman is not a feminist film.

In fact, Cauterucci argues, the film suggests that Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) was raped by Steve Trevor, the film’s male lead (played by Chris Pine). I have little patience for men’s right activists who cry over every perceived slight they suffer from women, but this is just nuts. The attraction between Trevor and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman’s real name) is the outcome of a relationship of mutual respect earned through fighting side by side. Despite Slate’s claim that Diana’s and Steve’s love is a “no homo” signal that Wonder Woman is straight, the film never shuts the door on the possibility suggested by current WW comic book writer Greg Ruka, that Diana is bisexual.

Cauterucci argues that characters frequently note that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is “the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen.” (I agree.) Men “drool behind her back at the notion that there may somewhere be an island full of women who look like her, with no men in sight.” When Wonder Woman, aka Diana, “walks into a room, even dressed in a plain gray suit and bowler hat instead of her usual sensual armored leotard, men go silent and stare.”

For Cauterucci, gender stereotypes are thus at the center of the story (of course), with Diana cast as a gorgeous ingénue who can nevertheless kick ass: “By the time the action got too fast-paced and loud for any more characters to marvel at Diana’s fine bod and bone structure, I was about an hour past being sick of the ‘sexy lady is also hypercompetent’ joke,” she writes.

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