They are intentionally lying about cuts to Medicaid!

Maggie Hassan, Jeanne Shaheen
Maggie Hassan, Jeanne Shaheen

Last Friday, New Hampshire Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan held an “emergency field hearing” about the healthcare bill Republicans are trying to pass in order to fix the Obamacare mess Democrats (including Shaheen and Carole Shea-Porter) created. They held the event when most Granite Staters are working and paraded sob stories pushed by poverty pimps across the state. What they neglected to tell all of these people is that Democrats are lying about cuts to Medicaid.

Shaheen, Hassan and the New Hampshire Democrat Party are all lying about cuts they claim will hurt citizens who are on Medicaid. There are no actual cuts to the program. There is only decreases in the original increased spending. Today federal Medicaid spending is $389 billion and in 2027 it will increase to $500 billion. That is not a cut in spending. Apparently, Democrats are using Common Core math to intentionally lie to Granite Staters about the Republican health care plan. From Investor’s Business Daily:

If you plot annual spending out over the next 10 years, what you see is that spending is never actually cut — at least not in the sense that most people think of a spending cut. Instead, it would grow at a slightly slower rate.

Even under the more restrictive House bill, Medicaid’s budget would still climb 20% over the next decade. So growth will end up higher still under the more generous Senate version.

It’s true that Medicaid will have to change. But that will be better for everyone.

Currently, Medicaid is an open-ended entitlement, with the federal government matching state spending by at least dollar for dollar.

This way of paying for Medicaid is hugely flawed, because it encourages states to overspend — since for every dollar they put into the program, they get at least another dollar from the federal government — and ignore waste, fraud and abuse.

As a result, Medicaid now consumes about 20% of state general fund spending — and it’s rising. Next year, the 32 states that expanded Medicaid under ObamaCare will see their costs climb by an additional $9 billion.

Meanwhile, a Government Accountability Office investigation found that improper payments accounted for more than 10% of all Medicaid spending last year.

This should come as no surprise since Shaheen blatantly lied to her own constituents that they’d save money on premiums; be able to keep their health insurance and doctors if Obamacare was passed. Of course, Shaheen pretends to care what Granite Staters think now even though she ignored that the majority of her constituents were against her vote for Obamacare from the very beginning.

It is abusive to fearmonger and lie to people who may be receiving care via Medicaid. It is unconscionable that these women and the failed party that supports them would continue to scare vulnerable citizens in the state by lying to them they may lose care. The most vulnerable in the state will still be covered. They will not lose Medicaid services.

Shaheen and Hassan are also against work requirement reforms that would mandate able-bodied, childless adults who receive Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion actually work in order to receive benefits. These adults are currently stealing healthcare services from the most vulnerable in the state but that theft is fully supported by New Hampshire Democrats…

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