The Indoctrinated Left has come UNHINGED!

Winston Churchill quote
Winston Churchill quote

The morning of June 14th 2017, was a reminder of how fragile life is, and how unhinged the Left has become. The attack on our Republican representatives proves that the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media’s message has been received by their followers loud and clear. Their message according to Hillary Clinton is to, “Resist, insist, persist, enlist.”

America can no longer tolerate the level of hate that is being projected by the Left’s supporters. We The People blame the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media for fueling the fire and giving legitimacy to these acts of violence against all conservatives.

What the Left has failed to understand, is, their followers, for the most part, are uneducated and have been groomed in the Saul Alinsky tactics as agitators and activists that have gone unchecked for too long. Their level of hatred and violence is out of control, and now must be reigned in and the temperature lowered.

It is time for the Left to grow up. Never in our life time has there been this much hate, lies and fear-mongering directed at the weak-minded as we have today against our President. If this had happened with President Obama, many on the Right would have been arrested and thrown in jail for inciting riots.

Snowflakes need to do themselves a favor. Unplug from the electronic world for a couple of weeks. Go to the beach. Go hiking, camping, fishing. Spend time with your friends and family. Enjoy your summer. Turn off the lamestream media. If you do this, you will find out, America is in good hands, and all your fears will disappear.

It is time we all unite as Americans; this division created by the Left must come to an end. If you think you are a social justice warrior and are making a difference, here is your wake up call. You are nothing more than a pawn on a chess board for the power elites. You are a means to an end and are expendable.

There is nothing any more precious than our freedoms. Many on the Left are finding out, our court system will not tolerate their hate. If you continue to riot, loot, destroy businesses, assault people, destroy property, spout your rhetoric about killing our President, along with supporting Hollywood and their narrative of lies, make no mistake, these are a sure way to lose your freedom.

America is a nation of laws. We are a Constitutional Republic and we will not continue to allow the Left with their communist ANTIFA and the SNOWFLAKES with their cry for socialism to rot and destroy our Nation’s Foundation of Freedom.

Time to wake up. We conservatives have been patient, understanding, and steadfast. Do not mistake our silence as weakness. If things do not change, it will not be a matter of if, but when, The New Civil War Begins… Please Share This… Thanks!

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