Student shamed for questioning diversity site!

When a student questioned the validity of a diversity class since it was directed at promoting Marxism, disparaging capitalism and promoted social justice warriors they were shamed and called out. So I guess open, honest conversation is just lot acceptable to the left.

A University of Wisconsin at Superior student was threatened with violence on Facebook for publishing a story about the institution’s most “wasteful” courses.

Student Jessica Murphy, working as intern at Wisconsin’s MacIver Institute, exposed five of the most “wasteful” classes offered in the University of Wisconsin System in a May 22 article, highlighting one course known as “Teaching for Social Justice” taught at the state’s Superior campus.

“One of the main goals of the course is for students to reflect on their privilege and marginalization. Students also review how meritocracy—and the American Dream—is a myth,” Murphy explained in her article, noting that all five courses contained themes that “degrade capitalism, praise Marxism, and encourage a ‘social justice warrior’ ideology.”

In response, however, Professor Sarah LaChance Adams, who teaches UW-Superior’s “Teaching for Social Justice” course, posted the article to her Facebook, writing “check it out comrades” as several of her colleagues and friends responded by mocking Murphy and offering to “punch her in the face.”

“I could punch her in the face for you. I can be an academic and respect my upbringing from the barrio,” commented Brandy Rose Farrow, who appears to be a student at UW-Superior.

Another of LaChance Adams’ friends, Professor Chad Kautzer of Lehigh University, posted a screenshot of Murphy’s LinkedIn profile, pointing on that “she’s South African.”

“Keeping up old traditions?” he went on to ask, suggesting Murphy had a role in Apartheid because she lived in South Africa for the first two years of her life, with another commenter indicating that she “would not be surprised to learn that [Murphy] targeted [LaChance Adams] purposely,” though Murphy attends the Wisconsin System’s Green Bay campus, not the Superior campus where LaChance Adams teaches.

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