Piers Morgan DESTROYS London Mayor! Who knew!

Guess what in this ONE instance Piers Morgan is my Hero.
London’s Mayor refused to answer Pires’ question on why the Mayor would not spend the money or time to track the 40-0+ immigrants from Muslim countries EVEN though it turns out they commit crimes in higher numbers than Brits do!

Piers Morgan had the London Mayor on his program this morning, Good Morning Britain, and absolutely grilled into him on his claim that 400 jihadis soldiers have been let BACK into England, with over half of them going to London. The mayor, of course, didn’t have a good answer but Morgan didn’t let him off the hook that easily.

Morgan really went into it with mayor and he has a good darn reason… in light of the 3 pretty major attacks in the last couple of months, everyone wants to know… Where are they? And the mayor, really, has no clue.

Another question he asked, which is also… fairly important is why were they even let back into the country? This is where political correctness gets you, folks. Talk to the families in London, in San Bernardino, Fort Hood… I could go on but you get the point

It’s happening more and more in Europe recently. The attacks continue. Will they stop? Maybe if the freaking Mayor of London knew where they were! Had an idea! Something!

Read the rest at: London

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