OMG – Guns stop intruders!

Liberals in some areas have managed to pass gun-control laws that make it impossible for a law-abiding homeowner to use a gun to defend themselves, their family and their home from intruders. They have laws that require a homeowner to keep their guns unloaded and locked in a safe or with a trigger lock. Some have even pushed laws that require the ammunition to be loaded up in a separate location in the house. What’s worse is that in some of those locations, people are not allowed to carry a loaded firearm outside the house. If they transport a gun for hunting or target shooting, the gun has to be unloaded and safely secured away.

Thankfully, there are other locations in the United States that understand that we live in an age of violence and unrest and that US Constitution and Second Amendment gives Americans the right to not only bear arms, but to protect themselves and their homes, which is what Democrats don’t want.

That’s why I enjoy bringing you accounts of law-abiding American citizens using their guns at home to protect themselves and their property. Such an incident happened around midnight on Saturday in Spiro, Oklahoma. Spiro is a small town of just over 2,000 residents about 15 miles west of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Around midnight, Krystal Kasprytski and her husband heard someone open the door and enter their house. They thought it was Krystal’s father and called out to him, but no one answered. When they went to see who it was, they encountered an unknown man. Krystal grabbed her gun and forced the man outside at gunpoint, where she held him until police arrived and took him into custody.

Krystal’s husband told the media that they only kept one bullet in the gun, but after this incident, they will keep the gun empty. Sorry, Mr. Kasprytski, but that is a very bad idea. Not every intruder complies so easily and may also be armed. If that happened, you will wish you had bullets in your gun.

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