NOW Lynch is in the Hot Seat? ABOUT TIME!

Attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch, President Barack Obama's choice to run the Justice Department, appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee for her confirmation hearing, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015. If confirmed, Lynch would replace Attorney General Eric Holder, who announced his resignation in September after leading the Justice Department for six years. She is now the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. This is the first nomination hearing under the new Republican majority. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Loretta Lynch Officially Subject to Senate Probe for 2016 Election Interference

The Senate Judiciary Committee has launched an investigation into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch over her reported attempts to go easy on 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the probe last year into her shady email habits.

In a letter to Lynch sent Friday, committee leaders from both parties inquired about an email allegedly sent last year by former Democrat National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to an official at George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

According to New York magazine, the email “allegedly described a conversation between Lynch and Clinton campaign staffer Amanda Renteria that saw the attorney general promise not to ‘go too far’ with the Clinton investigation.”

The existence of this email was first reported by The New York Times, which noted that the discovery of it by former FBI Director James Comey was what led him to go public with the results of the Clinton investigation last summer.

Moreover, the troubling allegation contained within the email coincided with testimony delivered by Comey earlier this month to the Senate Intelligence Committee, in that they both — the email and the testimony — seemed to suggest Lynch had been rooting for Clinton to beat the investigation.

“At one point, the attorney general had directed me not to call it an investigation but instead to call it a ‘matter’, which confused me and concerned me,” he said. “That was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude I have to step away from the department if we’re to close this case credibly.”

Letters of inquiry were also submitted to Renteria and the Open Society Foundations, according to ABC News, though there was no mention of whether Wasserman Schultz received a letter as well.

Many would argue that this probe is long overdue. From meeting privately with Clinton’s husband during the middle of the investigation to making obscure promises to not “go too far,” Lynch repeatedly demonstrated a sickening aversion to the rule of law.

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