Milano mad cause White Men wrote health care bill!

The election of Donald Trump has transformed Alyssa Milano from a mediocre actress to a mighty Resistance fighter. Sure, her self-proclaimed relevancy is more pathetic than Chelsea Clinton’s witless anti-Trump commentary, but damn it she feels like she’s doing something. Her latest attack on all things Trump sees her taking on the worst of the worst: white men.

Senate Republicans revealed their version of the health care bill today and as expected liberals freaked the f*ck out. They obviously didn’t read it because it’s pretty much ObamaCare, which they happen love. But you know how it goes: Republicans do something and liberals automatically hate it.

Milano hated it, not because she is necessarily opposed to the bill but rather because she is a racist and sexist. Her response!

“…the Republicans that wrote the senate #HealthcareBill. Very. White. Men.” 

Ted Cruz is one of these health care bill authors. As a Hispanic, I’m not sure he is “very white,” but whatever. Milano clearly has a problem with the race of the people who came up with this bill.

She goes on to Tweet – Lack of diversity, whether it’s race or gender, in writing any bill is an issue. “For the many, not the few.” 

It should be noted that Milano herself is white and that she just got done campaigning for loser Jon Ossoff in the Georgia special election who is not only white but also a man (sort of). In addition, Ossoff’s opponent in the losing bid was Karen Handel, who is a woman, so Milano is guilty of actively campaigning against a woman, which is such man thing to do.

As for her claim that diversity is essential in writing any bill, let’s point out that the architect of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or ObamaCare as we know it is a white man. It was also passed by a preponderance of white men and I don’t recall Milano bitching about it back then. She was probably too busy turning in solid performance after solid performance on Charmed. No seriously, that show was terrible.

Read the rest at: Milano is Off

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