FAUX ‘Handmaids’ make a mockery of women who are actually oppressed!

Handmaid Tale Feminists, Texas Legislature
Handmaid Tale Feminists, Texas Legislature

Just in case you thought California had all the country’s fruits and nuts, we have this report from activist and friend of the show, Kimberly Morin. Democrats from New Hampshire, Missouri, and even Texas dress up like oppressed women from “The Handmaid’s Tale” to protest bills that do nothing to limit women’s freedoms, though they’d have you believe otherwise!


Around the country, in various forms of faux protest, you’re seeing left wing women dress up as handmaids from The Handmaid’s Tale. What is now a series on Hulu is based off of a book written by Margaret Atwood in 1985. It doesn’t appear that any of these women have actually bothered to read the book of course, either that or they are choosing to humiliate themselves in public intentionally.

There were handmaids in the Texas Legislature who were protesting abortion bills. One bill would not allow human baby body parts to be sold out of the state and another would make sure no taxpayer dollars fund abortion providers or their affiliates. Neither of these bills are ending abortion or even putting limits on abortion but the handmaids would claim otherwise. And no, Texas isn’t trying to overturn Roe v Wade:

Handmaids also appeared in the Missouri Capitol to protest the budget which would not allow funding for abortion providers or their affiliates. Again, nothing to actually do with ending abortion or access to healthcare but these new left-wing astroturfers and their hysteria would have you believe otherwise:

New Hampshire leftists also jumped on the handmaid bandwagon and wore the garb during a legislative session to protest a bill that allows women to seek justice if their unborn child is murdered. The legislation had absolutely nothing to do with abortion and actually carved abortion and abortion doctors out in order to protect them but the handmaids, including one male, in all their hysteria never let the truth or facts get in the way of playing ‘dress up.’

You can read the full article and see more pictures at WesternFreePress.
Reprinted with permission.