Dunham says we dont needs fathers!

Continuing to sort out her obvious daddy issues in the public square, far outside the realm of her therapist’s “safe space,” Lena Dunham offered up a helping of her unsolicited feminist wisdom this Father’s Day to assure boys and girls without a dad that they aren’t missing out on much.

“You don’t need a father – so many families work so many ways – but if you have one he better werk [sic],” Dunham wrote on Sunday morning.

After catching online flak for her despicable statement, Dunham then deleted the tweet. What would we do without screenshots?

The Twitterverse quickly shot back with its own brand of justice.

“It never ends. Would be great to have just 1 day without the unnecessary SJW commentary,” wrote Donald Trump Jr. “Doubt there was a similar comment on Mother’s Day.”

See the rest at: Dunham Fathers

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