Dems complain about money in politics! Thats Rich!

After Running The Most Expensive Campaign In House History, Ossoff Complains About Money In Politics.. You’ve got to be kidding.

In the aftermath of his defeat in Georgia’s sixth congressional district, where he lost to former Georgia’s former secretary of state Karen Handel after spending roughly $32 million, Democrat Jon Ossoff gave a new demonstration of chutzpah.

Considering how the money was spent in the most expensive congressional race in history, that was a rather outrageous statement, and people noticed…

You might go back and forth-with this; you might first claim that Ossoff spent more money on the race overall than Handel did; but then Ossoff might counter by saying if you were just looking at how much money was spent on Handel and Ossoff from outside groups, he had a point, as Handel received roughly $19 million from outside groups while Ossoff received roughly $7.5 million.

But here’s the real elephant in the room that Ossoff conveniently ignores; see tweet at the bottom of the article. Notice anything? Look at the top of the list. How about the fact that of the roughly $19 million Handel received, roughly $7 million came from the Republican Party? In other words, Ossoff’s campaign spent roughly $30 million, the most in congressional history, and the GOP stepped in and decided to back its candidate to make sure she won the seat.

If Ossoff is complaining that a party shouldn’t have the right to support its own candidate, that is the most ridiculous claim of all.

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