Aren’t Sanctuary cities already illegal?

The national news was filled with images of protesters filling up the Texas Capital Building and disrupting the final day of the regular legislative meetings. The liberal mainstream media also focused on the shoving match that took place on the floor between legislators and they highlighted the threat made by a Republican to shoot a Democrat.

What they didn’t highlight was the fact that the entire fray was started by liberal Democrats who reacted in anger when the Republican called ICE to report illegals in the balcony. It was his civic duty to make such a call. After all, they are called ILLEGALS for a reason – they are here ILLEGALLY and should be arrested.

One Democrat who took exception to the Republican making the call to ICE did threaten his life and say that he would get him when he goes out to his car. The Republican responded that if the Democrat did attack him that he would then shoot him in self-defense. But the mainstream media can’t bear to tell the whole truth and put the blame on the guilty intolerant liberals. Instead, they have to twist and distort the truth to make the innocent look guilty and the guilty look innocent.

But why did all of this have to take place to begin with? Federal immigration laws are in place to control the number of people entering our country and making sure they have a legitimate reason for being here. When someone enters the United States illegally, they made a conscious decision to violate our federal immigration laws. Therefore, they are intentionally choosing to commit a criminal act and like any other criminal act, they should be arrested, tried and convicted. From there, they should be deported back to their home country, regardless if the home country wants them back or not.

During the Obama administration, we were often told that illegals convicted of crimes here in the US were rejected by their home countries. The countries did not want them back, so the US was stuck with them. WRONG! It shouldn’t matter if the home nation wants them back or not, they are still citizens of that nation and we don’t want them, so the US should force the nation to take them back.

But what about sanctuary cities and the new Texas law to ban them? Isn’t violating a federal law already illegal?

That was the point that President Donald Trump has been trying to make when he tried to stop federal funding to cities who chose to intentionally violate federal immigration laws by proving sanctuary to illegal aliens. He would have succeeded if it weren’t a liberal Democratic activists judge who decided he has more power and authority than the President of the United States. That’s exactly backwards from the way our Founding Fathers established our three-branched government of which the judicial branch was to be the least powerful.

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