YIKES !!! NO Lemonade !!

POTUS, Trump, Joint Session of Congress, 02/28/17, WhiteHouse.gov
POTUS, Trump, Joint Session of Congress, 02/28/17, WhiteHouse.gov

Apparently many (most) of those elected “Lemons” we have in both the House and Senate have turned to jellyfish and have wet noodle spines with muted voices.  Lemons rot with age and ‘just maybe’ that’s what happened with so many “Old Timers” overdue for retirement… Like apples, it doesn’t take many rotten ones to make the entire barrel become “Fodder de Jours” at Café of the Swine. We, with good reason, disparagingly refer to them as RINO’s or The Establishment. It is also rather obvious they are effective ‘recruiters’ as well and generously take our Freshmen legislators under their tutelage.

Most of the anger, resentment and feelings of ‘let down, again’ is directed to President Trump.  WE chose him to conquer the mountain of egregious mandates and misdeeds left by the Obama Administration. I wonder how many honestly believed he could do it all in ‘the first 100 days’ and, yet, call ourselves reasonable. The President has used his mandate authority to clear the destructive clutter of the ‘Mandate President Obama… for the rest he is respecting the people’s Congress and Our Constitution. And, this, among all of his campaign promises is perhaps the most important. Without it, we are not the United States of America, but just another third world entity crushed under a Dictator’s thumb.

Our Constitution has served us faithfully and well for generations… the Congress on the other hand is overstocked with career ‘nesters’ that don’t get out and work like we do, nor are running a business. We’ve given them a retirement plan to be envied.  If we take as many paid days off and paid vacations as they have, we would be fired and our businesses bankrupt… Many have joined the “Millionaire’s Club” over the years while we, their employer rarely take a single vacation and fear our IRA’s will fade away. THE QUESTION is… ”Just whose fault it it?” The President didn’t elect them, we did and multiple times!! It’s true, making the same mistake over and over does not make it right… or smart.  We Hired them… We need to Fire them… unless they fill our job requirements.

Perhaps it wasn’t your choice of candidate that won and you’re stuck with another.  Is there any logical reason that you can’t hammer them with letters or email, even a phone call and tell them what you want and expect? When was the last time he/she sent out a newsletter or held a townhall to let you know what and why they were leaning a certain way? Do you ever see them in front of a camera or microphone speaking out on the Party message. For the most part they remain mute and out of sight, a total contrast to their ‘campaign mode”.  Don’t you find that just a wee bit curious?

Now about that WALL… There was no ‘cave-in’. All contractors know that there will likely be delays on a project… and have a plan B ready to go. And our President is no different.

First, this is a temporary budget, yet allows a large border security expenditure that enhances and solidifies the base with additional personnel and protection equal to the criminals for our agents as well as more technical abilities. And there will be some monies that can be added to funds approved by Congress several years ago (2006)… Plan B, part 2… Ted Cruz (R-Tx) and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Al) have presented bills that would “ensure lawful collection” of all assets gained from Joaquin Chapo and other captured drug cartel leaders currently and future. $14 Billion Dollars to date. It is called the El Chapo Act. These bills were presented on the 25th and 27th of April 2017. (F.A.I.R 05/02/17)

As in any relationship, it is often necessary to give a little to get a lot… ‘Compromise’ does not mean you give up your standards. It means you’re smart enough to realize there is no ‘instant gratification’ in governing. Sometimes incremental steps are more effective than giant leaps. If you can’t do more than President Trump in one hundred days, be patient and pray for his success… while you take your Senators and Representatives to task reminding them of their oath… to serve the people, not themselves.

I remain in prayer for our Nation.

Jan Brown

ONE AMERICAN… with you, I am an Army.

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