Liberal Media: Stop beating a dead horse, it’s dead! There is no Trump-Russia collusion.

Trump-Russia Collusion, Beat It, Political Cartoon, AFBranco
Trump-Russia Collusion, Beat It, Political Cartoon, AFBranco

The media has beaten the Russia-Trump collusion theory beyond recognition, and still no evidence. ~ Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect

That’s an understatement at this point! This 24×7 news cycle is tiresome, when they can only focus on one thing, and that one thing is trying to find a tie between Trump and Russia. The media is chasing this story like a rabid dog. Now we hear headlines and taglines like “So and so TALKED to a Russian.” Is that a crime now? Because I’m pretty sure I missed the memo! Oh, and in case anyone asks… I talked to a Russian last week. Ooooooo!

They’ve been trying for months to find something, anything. But nada. Zippo. Niente. Investigations by committees, the DOJ, and of course, the media have turned up NOTHING! No evidence. Even Democrats are starting to admit, there’s nothing. So why do we have a “special counsel” if there isn’t even “probably cause”?

I have to wonder just what the media is hiding to perpetuate this faux investigation when there’s really nothing to investigate.

There’s plenty of other news to report. I for one would actually like to hear it. I’d like to know what’s going on in other countries and in cities around this great nation. And I’d really like to hear about the good things our new President is doing. Because whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, we need to hear it. And you can’t tell me he hasn’t done ONE GOOD THING that they could report on.

I’m tired of this negativity. Of the perpetual beating Trump is taking simply for winning. Right down to whether or not he and Melania are holding hands! Just STOP already!

Yes, the press has an obligation to hold the president and all elected officials accountable for their actions. But seriously, it can’t always be bad. Stop looking at everything through a Liberal bias and do some objective reporting. That’s what journalists are supposed to do. Stick to the facts without putting a biased spin on it. If you can’t do that, you’re just a news commentator and you have no business reporting the news.

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