Latest ‘Feminist’ Outrage: All White Women are Violent

white women's violence, Tweet, feminism
white women's violence, Tweet, feminism

The leftists of the faux feminist organization ‘Women’s March’ have finally shown their true ‘colors.’ After a white female police officer in Oklahoma was found justified in shooting an unarmed black man, they turned their outrage towards ALL white women. Suddenly, it’s not the manufactured ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement that’s outraged by a police shooting but a supposed women’s movement is outraged and blaming… women.

This is a wold where a Black man can lay dying while white men rush past him to comfort the white woman who shot him.

This is a world where white women’s fear of Black men is not only seen as natural, but justified. This is

According to NBC News the jurors in the case of Terence Crutcher had reservations about their verdict but still found the police officer, Betty Shelby, not guilty. From NBC News:

“The jury concluded that any officer put in that situation at that exact moment and regardless of the skin color, gender or size of the suspect, would have performed the same way, which is in accordance with their law enforcement training,” the foreman wrote.

He also said that the shooting was “unfortunate and tragic, but justifiable due to the actions of the suspect.”

There was a trial and the officer was exonerated for her actions. Somehow though, the Women’s March has decided to turn on all white women, as if all white women are somehow responsible for the actions of a police officer who happens to be a white woman. No one could make this lunacy up…

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…It seems they even want white women to remain defenseless if an attacker happens to be black:

Confronting means rejecting any form of safety that comes at the expense of Black lives.

Somehow, in the derangement of the left, they have decided to take their focus off of the police and blame white women for a police shooting. It’s unclear why they decided to manifest this latest insanity or why they would even think it’s a good idea. It’s obvious the left disregards logic but how do they correlate a police shooting involving a white female police officer to ALL white women being violent?

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