Hate…. is not the answer


When I was a pre-law student, I remember reading a case where a defendant on trial for murder, pleaded not guilty on the grounds of insanity.

I thought about it and at this time, I was interning with the office of The Attorney General, Ken Eikenberry at the Spokane office where I was assigned to do research for all of the attorneys for the Consumer Protection Office and upon hearing this man’s plea,  I thought to myself…

“Is anyone sane when they commit such an hideous crime”?

Can you or me, as a human being, be defined as a sane, rational, stable and well-balanced individual when we commit murder or commit any crime against someone else, or a business or a nation?

Or, for that matter, are we sane when we speak hate?

Can you or I justify disgusting or repulsive character assassination’s spoken into the world through media and the internet because we think the person is hip?

Seems that we can.


There are comedians and men and women in the public eye whose names I will not mention… they have had enough publicity, who say the most vile, despicable and hateful things and sadly there are millions who actually get a kick out of it…

Is that really humanistic?

Where are the principles of human respect?

Not a problem.

Have a different opinion?
Great. Are you intelligent enough to share it without hatred?

Do you hate someone because you want to?

Lead others to hate as well?

Whether we wish to believe it or not, if you do believe in the God of the Bible, we will, whether we also like it or not, stand and give an account of why things were said and we will be responsible for what we said that impacted and turned a respectful heart into a hateful heart; whoever makes those types of remarks will be judged by the statements they make and for each specific and vulnerable impacted  heart.

America was never founded that way. We are a nation, “Under God.”

Go ahead, laugh it off if you wish… but God is not mocked… meaning he can’t be fooled… we will reap what we sow… we will be individually responsible for our lives… and believe me eternity is a much longer ride than what we have in these years on the earth.

If you don’t believe in the God of the Bible… well, then at this time, I guess there will be nothing to worry about…

Until you pass away… because he has never, nor has the bible ever been proven wrong…. Check it out… go prove the bible wrong… not wrong because you don’t agree with it or not right because it doesn’t support your lifestyle.

Truth is a kicker sometimes… but like any discipline, it is beneficial to receive, hold onto it and respect it.

This is Tom Julian, saying thanks for reading.

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