Translational Science of Democracy

In April 2015 my wife and I visited her family members in Denmark. During the visit I was appalled by the number of muslim settlers, not immigrants, settlers, that I saw in Denmark. Repeatedly, I asked the wife’s family members how Denmark came to allow the large numbers of Muslim settlers to move to Denmark, given the violent history of Muslim’s who had already moved to Denmark over the past 20 years? During the past 20 years Muslims living in Denmark have committed murder, rape and honor kills on an appalling level – more than 12X the national average.

I finally teased out of the family members that Denmark, along 26 additional EU countries including Sweden, Germany and France have instituted both community based meetings and online deliberative forums designed by socialist political scientists for selected community citizens called “participants” to engage in discourse that is carefully constructed and controlled by community organizers, academic team leaders and highly trained leftist political scientists. These deliberative forums both community based and online constitute the EuroPolis Project.

The EuroPolis Project leaders go from community to community organizing local and online meetings, called Forums across a given nation. The goal of the EuroPolis Project is to give national political leaders “community input” when making decisions of national importance such as admitting Muslim Settlers, er immigrants into the country.

As can be expected the forums are highly controlled by the community organizers, political scientists and academic leaders who are leftist socialist. All discussions in the community forums and online forums for the first year are really a weeding process to identify thinking conservatives and remove them from the forum by no longer inviting them to participate.

Once the year long weeding process has been completed, the only participants left are the liberal unquestioning, unthinking and easily manipulated and controlled people are allowed to continue to participate in the forums. The forum leaders make sure that great honor is attached via the national media to forum participants and their unselfish participation in the forum process. Occasionally, forum participants who are deemed disruptive are publically shamed via the media as a means of controlling the narative, as is any non-forum participant who is critical of the forum process and results.

The forum leaders are dishonest as they keep their true agendas hidden. This is done by not ask direct questions that require genuine deliberative responses such as, “Do you want Muslim settlers to come into the country and live here?” The questions being asked by the political scientists, academics and community organizers are questions deliberatively deceiving such as, “What do you feel is necessary to allow Muslims to live in this nation, such as being good neighbors, having good paying jobs, families living with them, etc?” Any forum participant who speaks out against the hidden agenda and final result for the forum will find that the forum will be continued to a future date and they are simply not invited to the next forum where a “final consensus” is reached.

When the forum leaders finally break down resistance to the hidden question being deliberated and reach a “final consensus” such as allowing Muslim settlers into a country when certain requirements are met, then it is reported to the nation’s political leaders that community members throughout the nation want Muslim settlers to come and live in the nation.

Never mind that the forum participants did not reach the announced decision to allow Muslim settlers into the country, they only agreed to allow Muslim settlers into the country if certain requirements would be met. And never mind that those certain requirements were never going to be met or entertained as a condition of immigration and settlement. But once the Muslims are in nation it is too late for forum participants to step forward and articulate the fraud that has been perpetrated by the EuroPolis Project as no one wants to subject themselves to the public humiliation that will result.

Writing under a pen name, "sneaker" is an historical author and political opinion writer who contributes from time to time to The Real Side. Sneaker's opinions are uniquely his/her own. Read them (or not). It's entirely up to you!