Syria chemical weapons propaganda staged to gain your sympathies

White Helmets April 2017 via Cheri Berens
White Helmets April 2017 via Cheri Berens

Seems around 250 people were kidnapped from a village in a totally different city by al-Qaeda. Locals recognized some of their bodies at the incident site when the video went viral. This is exactly what happened in 2013. Al-Qaeda and Free Syrian Army had kidnapped the children far from the incident site, their bodies brought to al-Ghouta where the alleged chemicals were used. Same M.O.

In 2013: The same bodies of dead kidnapped children were moved to different locations and filmed to make it look like hundreds of children were killed by “chemicals” in 2013. These were faked videos to gain western intervention and to accuse the Syrian Army of atrocities they did not commit. (See photos at CheriBerens)

The same group that made the 2013 propaganda video also makes the fake “rescue” videos for the White Helmets.

Last week: The White Helmets is a propagandist group funded by George Soros and the U.S. State Department under Obama.(a)  Now they are using the same technique to spread similar propaganda through their latest horrendous video.

Similar propaganda, done by the same Islamist Terror group. And Trump seems to have fallen for it.

The Syrian Air Force only conducted an airstrike targeting a terrorist weapons and ammunition warehouse in Khan Sheikhum in Idlib province. The warehouse was also being used as a “workshop” for the production of land mines stuffed with poisonous substances.

The warehouse contained poisonous substances that were also used by militants in Aleppo, which caused the same symptoms as the victims in Khan Sheikhun.

The non-stop Russia/Putin propaganda we have seen since Trump was elected, for four straight months, was a way of preventing Trump from talking to Putin. Trump was put on the defense and was therefore blocked from having any constructive dialogue; and thereby, denied the truth about events in Syria.

The fact that Trump bought this latest propaganda says to me, that our Intel people are lying to him.

Syrian and Russian forces having been winning the battle against the Islamist terrorists since last October. They removed al-Qaeda and ISIS from Aleppo in December; and, in recent weeks have been removing them from Damascus. They’ve been making great strides in Rakka, and also in Hama. They expelled ISIS from Palmyra.

Nine different terrorist groups have recently joined al-Qaeda to create a massive terrorist force. But even that Islamist army has been losing territory over the last several weeks. Guess where this new al-Qaeda army has their headquarters? In the same city where the Syrian Air Force pinpoint targeted and hit their weapons warehouse and where they had their “workshop” to make landmines and other weapons using those poisonous chemicals.

The Syrian Air Force pinpoint targeted a terrorist weapons warehouse. They did not target civilians. Nor use chemical weapons.

Don’t forget who started the conflict in Syria. It is extremely important to know the details of who is behind the propaganda and the actual killing of Syrian people.

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood formed the Free Syrian Army in 2011 and the fighting began. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood wanted Islamic Law enforced in Syria and needed to take down the government in order to do so.

In 2013, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood was being driven out of Egypt after a failed attempt to force Islamic Law on the Egyptian people. After their expulsion, the Egyptian Brotherhood then rallied with the Syrian Brotherhood to intensify the removal of the Syrian government in order to replace it with an Islamic one. At the time, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood were also working closely with al-Qaeda in Iraq with a future goal of forming an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. (1)

​In 2011, the Free Syrian Army had formed two initial brigades: the Farouq and the Khalid ibn Walid. The ibn Walid brigade was funded and armed by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The Farouq brigade consisted of Salafists (Saudi Arabian Wahhabists), who were armed and funded by Saudi Arabia and were affiliates of al-Qaeda.

From the beginning, the Free Syrian Army and al-Qaeda worked together in many of their attacks on civilians in their attempt to take control of various cities and towns in Syria.(2) In this way they expanded their territory as they’d takeover an entire town or part of a major city.

But in 2013, the Syrian Armed Forces were winning the battle against the terrorist takeover: they had the full backing of the Syrian people and many thousands of Syrians, male and female, Christian, Druze and Alewite, joined the Armed Forces. So in order to reverse this, the terrorists needed an “intervention” that would support their Islamist armies inside Syria. So they created the faked images of children, allegedly killed by chemicals, in August 2013.

These videos were created by members of the Free Syrian Army. The children were not killed in al-Gouta, a suburb of Damascus, and which was held by the “Free Syrian Army” and al-Qaeda.

The children had been kidnapped from an Alewite village far from al-Ghouta by the Free Syrian Army. They were raped and sodomized, then transported to terrorist-held al-Gouta where they were killed and could be filmed for the propaganda video to outrage Americans and to fake them into supporting the “Free Syrian Army”.

The Free Syrian Army’s Farouq brigade, the Salafi group funded by Saudi Arabia and who are an al-Qaeda affiliate, was extremely knowledgeable regarding media and social networking. The group also had experts who produced videos for the television networks of Qatar (al-Jazeera) and Saudi Arabia (al-Arabiya). Their film crews were skilled at creating fake “docu-dramas” for Qatar, which were used as “real films” for propaganda against Israel and the West. They also are the ones responsible for creating the fake films for the “rebels” accusing the Syrian Army of using chemicals in 2013.

The UN investigated and reported that it was likely that it was the “rebels” (the so-called “opposition”), that used the chemicals. In fact, the UN confirmed that chemical weapons were used on the (real) Syrian Army on several occasions. Also, a UN weapons inspector said the accusations that the Obama administration had made could not possibly be true. (3)

Was Trump not shown truthful Intel?

One thing is more clear. Western media no longer does investigative reporting. Additionally, western media only reports a specific agenda, one that will never report the truth even if it’s given to them.




For White Helmets:

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.