Saudi Arabia now heads both the UN “Human Rights Council” and “Women’s Rights Commission”

Muslim, Women, Children, Islam, Burqa
Muslim, Women, Children, Islam, Burqa

Saudi Arabia now heads both the UN “Human Rights Council” and the UN “Women’s Rights Commission”

Why is no one alarmed by this?

Why is no one outraged by this?

Human Rights?
Women’s Rights?

Human rights and women’s rights do not exist in Saudi Arabia. People are not even allowed to play music in public as music is forbidden according to Islamic Law and the Religious Police can arrest you for it.

How can this country, a country known for its human rights violations and deprivation of women’s rights head these two UN commissions?

I am stunned.

Additionally, the US envoy for the “Global Coalition to Counter ISIS” met with Saudi Arabian Prince Muhammad bin Nayef to discuss ways to counter ISIS propaganda.

Counter propaganda? This is absurd.

Saudi Arabia is a major backer of several terrorist groups and the propaganda organizations affiliated with them.

Saudi Arabia will not “counter” propaganda. They are the Kings of propaganda. They will slyly continue to promote propaganda.

A member of the US envoy who met with the prince, Brett McGurk, said in a Tweet that he and Prince Muhammad bin Nayef met in Riyadh “to coordinate coalition efforts to counter ISIS propaganda and foreign fighter recruitment“.

Counter foreign fighter recruitment? Really?

More than two million Muslims go to Hajj each year. It’s a massive, well-coordinated “travel event”. Ferry boats and other ships, normally used for Hajj to Mecca, were used to transport the first massive waves of “refugees” to Greece from Turkey and to parts of mainland Europe.

The “refugees” were then immediately placed on trains and buses, which were also well organized and waiting, and which took the “refugees” deeper into France, Germany, and elsewhere into Europe.

Who paid for the ferry boats and giant ships and the trains that funneled these men deeply into Europe?

It was a well-organized event and thorough in its placement of many thousands of “refugees” into various European countries. It was a Hajj-like invasion of fighting age male Muslims — the majority of whom had no passports or ID of any kind.

It was deliberate that they carried no I.D. — you were to believe that these were “Syrian” refugees.

In December 2015, a reputable research group, Soufan, reported that the number of foreign Islamist fighters who went to Syrian in 2015 were between 27,000 to 31,000 and were from at least 86 different countries. (1)

In 2014, the number was estimated at 12,000 foreign fighters from 81 countries, so that’s well over 40,000 foreign fighters for Islam in a two year period.

The US State Department stated that up to 30,000 foreign fighters joined ISIS alone (this doesn’t count the al-Qaeda groups, of which there are at least nine). The US said the 30,000 came from at least 100 different countries. (2)

Considering that there are ten other major Islamist armies besides ISIS and al-Qaeda fighting in Syria since the dates of those studies, including the Turkish-Saudi coalition army of Jaish al-Fateh, this means that there could easily be as many as 100,000 foreign fighters in Syria.

Syria reported in 2016 that at least 360,000 foreign fighters had come to Syria from 93 different countries since 2011. I believe Syria’s stats are more accurate.

But the point is, no matter how you figure the numbers, an incredibly large number of Muslims from around the world continue to join the fight for Islamic takeover in Syria.

Who funds these fighters?

Where do they get their abundance of weapons, ammunition, money and high-tech equipment?

All of the Islamist armies in Syria have tanks, anti-aircraft vehicles and warfare. How? and who pays for it?

During the last four years, Turkey and Saudi Arabia joined forces in backing foreign Islamist groups trying to overthrow the Syrian government in order to enforce Islamic Law.

In 2015, Saudi Arabia and Turkey created a coalition army, an army with several divisions so it could spread itself throughout Syria. Turkey and Saudi Arabia fund and arm this army, called Jaish al-Fateh. And Turkey and Saudi Arabia supply it with endless foreign Islamist mercenaries—who cross into Syria via the Turkish border.

Jaish al-Fateh was immediately successful. Their first offensive captured almost the entire province of Idlib (where they massacred entire villages of Syrian civilians and where the latest massacre of Alewites occurred on April 15th, killing 110 children who were being evacuated out of terrorist held villages).

So, why should we trust Saudi Arabia to stop “propaganda” and to stop “foreign recruitment”?

As I switch the TV stations from one western network to another, all I see any more is endless lies and propaganda. FOX was the last holdout, but now FOX has fallen.

Could it be because Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed now owns the second largest interest in FOX? He was the fourth largest holder, but is now the second in control. As his power rose in ownership, FOX began to change.

Alwaleed’s interest in News Corp. began in 1997 with a $400 million investment. News Corp. split into two companies in June 2013 due to the company’s phone-hacking controversy.

The split created a brand new News Corp., which owns the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and Vogue, and a second company that includes 21st Century Fox, which oversees the Fox News Channel.

Murdoch is chairman of both companies, but who’s next in control? Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia.

News Corp. also has a sizable stake in Rotana, a broadcasting company that airs Arabic and English programming in the Middle East. Alwaleed owns an 80 percent stake of Rotana. And Rotana is mostly a propaganda station.

Alwaleed is second only to Murdoch which translates to being the No. 2 owner of Fox News, which is 21st Century Fox, the giant movie and TV corporation that owns the network.

Expect more lies and propaganda, on FOX and in your TV movies.


(1)  Soufan Group research study:

(2)  State Department stats, as well as from Russia, that ISIS alone has at least 30,000 fighters in Syria:

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.