“Never Again” is happening again in Syria

Crying Angel Statue
Crying Angel Statue

In Syria, once again, a chemical terror attack poured onto the innocents of the country. The sad part about this is, even with video proof, many are ignoring the human responsibility to intervene and “Never Again” has lost it’s meaning. Whether the attack was conducted by Syrian President Assad or ISIS, something needs to be done and it can’t be done by Israel alone, who is calling for chemical weapons to be removed.

I am sick and tired of people calling this terrible cowardly attack from Assad, or who ever it may be from, a false flag. Now I can see why it took a long time for intervention to end the Holocaust, even after 6 million Jews had already been killed. That is where the “Never Again” phrase came from. The non-Jewish world must learn what “Never Again” means to ensure history does not repeat itself.

We are at a point in society where we have the best experts to handle such events and, yet, they are not being used. Genocide is happening all around the world and no one is doing anything about it.

The world has been engulfed in radical Islamic terror and because of the PC culture, innocent Christians, Muslims, and Jews have been victimized because people are afraid to act. Political correctness needs to end now! We need to acknowledge that humanity has an enemy, radical Islam, and it must be dealt with. Round up all the best security experts, find out with certainty who unleashed this heinous attack, and put an end to it. The “Red Line” was crossed when President Obama was in office. And it just happened again. Now is the time to act.

Sadly, “Never Again” has lost it’s meaning because people are afraid of being politically incorrect. Even sadder, the children are the ones who are suffering the most. Nations of the world must come together to once and for all defeat the terror known as radical Islam. Talk is cheap. It is time to act.


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