I thought Cuba would embrace capitalism? Not So!

The death of Fidel Castro last year, combined with a general thawing of tensions with the U.S., has given many Americans hope that Cuba is prepared to turn the page on its long history of human rights violations. Unfortunately, recent actions are a stark reminder of what the Cuban people still face. Fidel may be dead, but in Raul Castro’s Cuba, you can still go to jail just for lending out books on capitalism.

On Feb. 2, Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez, a member of Mises Institute Cuba, and Manuel Velazquez Visea, a human rights activist, were arrested by an undercover officer outside the Benjamin Franklin Library. The library, a project on which Hernandez and Visea had both worked, opened last December. It is dedicated to spreading the ideas of individual liberty and economic freedom that have long been suppressed on the island.

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