The Establishment

Donald Trump, Thumbs Up, No tie casual suit, Red hat, Make America Great Again, MAGA
Donald Trump, Thumbs Up, No tie casual suit, Red hat, Make America Great Again, MAGA

In the Gospel of Mark, in the 3rd chapter there is a story shared that confirms that even back in the early days of our calendar there was a  separation or divisiveness of those in the establishment and the people.

In the chapter, the story starts off that there was a man who had a shriveled hand. Now I am not sure how that would actually look, but it can’t be pretty and for the man himself it must have been heart wrenching to see it every day and feel that there was nothing that could be done… but today, he caught the attention of Jesus Christ.

Jesus knew that the establishment, i.e., the Pharisees and those who considered themselves spiritual rulers were right there and if there was one thing that irritated him more was the fact that these men made the Sabbath a burden to the people and that nothing should be done on that day… even if it meant healing a man’s hand and giving him some dignity…

Jesus looked at the “establishment” those men and asked a simple question… “Which is better to do today… good or to do evil… which is more right… to save a life, or to kill”?

The establishment couldn’t respond.

So, Jesus, disgusted with them looked and then said to the man, “Stretch out your hand”… Now, can you imagine….what an amazing feeling for this man… the anticipation of being healed, made whole, and so the man stretched out his hand and it was completely restored…

Today, we see a change in our society where our new President’s desire is to restore our country back to its original roots… the new President, Donald Trump is interested in seeing an America that he grew up in… and America that was unified against the enemy, that pride and dignity were in the hearts of men and women at home, within the responsibilities of their jobs and paychecks were part of the process where futures could be planned, education could be afforded and retirement would be enjoyed…

But the establishment would rather keep the people in oppression… just like the Pharisees did with the man and his shriveled hand… they want to see the men, women and children subject to them rather than the freedoms and rights that were designed to help people thrive…

The man with the shriveled hand? Don’t know much about him after that occurrence, but it had to be clear, in his heart, that the Sabbath, a day the establishment wanted to keep him from being healed, became a day he discovered the Sabbath’s beauty.

The people who witnessed this miracle also recognized the true meaning of the Sabbath… and that irritated the establishment even more…

No different today… President Trump is asking the same question… “Is it better to protect society… or better to neglect the people”?

He is choosing protection.

With each day that offers the opportunity for security, the establishment becomes more irritated by it and the love President Trump has for this country and the people who legally here…

So, I ask you… which is better… prosperity or poverty… which are you more inclined to desire… security of life or the possibilities of danger….

It’s time to choose.

Mark 3:1-6

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