Is the mainstream media an enemy?

Trump, Media War, Enemy of the People
Trump, Media War, Enemy of the People

Last weekend, President Trump one more time denounced the role of the Left-biased mainstream media labeling it an “enemy of the people” that affects Americans with its fake news. As expected, many reporters and news anchors disagree with the President’s statement. But is the mainstream media really biased?

Journalist and author Carl Bernstein told CNN, for example, that Trump’s attacks on the press are “treacherous” and even added that:

“There’s a history of what ‘enemy of the people’ … means as used by dictators and authoritarians, including Stalin, including Hitler. And I’m not about to say anything about comparing Hitler and Trump, but it’s a demagogue’s statement.”

Reporter Jonathan Karl also expressed his rejection of Trump’s label:

“As long as American democracy remains healthy, there will be reporters willing to pursue the truth … A free press isn’t the enemy of America, it’s a big part of what makes America great.”

Of course, the media should be always free and unbiased when delivering true information to people. Even though the mainstream media complains that the President is falsely accusing it of partiality, the press has clearly shown favoritism toward the Left.

As FoxNews host Sean Hannity mentioned on his show, during the presidential campaign WikiLeaks revealed that Democrats received “special treatment” from the press.

“Remember how WikiLeaks exposed the rampant, rampant collusion between the press and the Clinton campaign? Allowing Democratic Party officials to edit their stories and giving Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance?”

Contrary to what is expected of the press, it supported one candidate over another putting the veracity of its news to the test.

As Hannity added, it seemed that:

“They had a literal stake in the election … These left-wing news outlets thought they’d be able to stop Donald Trump from becoming president”

It is true that the presence of a free press is essential for the health of states, as Karl said. Unfortunately, however, being able to find out about what is really happening from the mainstream media without bias is becoming hard. Maybe the President is not exaggerating when he considers certain news outlets enemies.

Read Sean Hannity’s full article at Fox News.

Political cartoon courtesy A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect

Maria Robles is a recent graduate from New Jersey City University. She believes that everyone should be informed about current issues affecting our society.