20 disturbing statistical findings about Muslims


I gathered 20 disturbing statistical findings on Muslims. Here are just five of the statistics:

More than 60 million Muslims have a favorable view of ISIS

81% of Muslims support ISIS ideology

700 million Muslims want Islamic Law; 266 million want it forced on Everyone in the world

Sweden: Muslim Migrants are responsible for 95% of all crimes

Germany: Muslim migrants committed 142,500 crimes in first six months of 2016 — 780 every day

Italy: More immigrants has meant more crime. The study found that among Italian citizens there are 4.3 convicted criminals per 1000; for legal immigrants the rate is double; and among illegal immigrants the crime rate soared to more than 50 percent.

America: Muslims dominate in immigration growth in a record high of 42.4M immigrants to America.

See CheriBerens for all 20 including links to the reports.


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