Why do Democrats hate our military?

A military truck for sale parked on the roadside of Highway 84 west of La Honda.

Why do Dems hate the Military? EXPANDED!

I always knew for the most part the Democrats have never really been fond of the military. If they had any feelings for them at all I would say based on the actions of many Dems who have temporarily taken up space in the White House… they loath them.

Whenever a Democrat gets in he (hasn’t been a she yet) loves to go right in with the red pen to cutting the military budget and swiping at the morale. They see the enlisted as not much more than “GI Joe kids with low IQ’s and no where else to go.”

Some “terms of endearment” from our Dem Leaders!

  • Democrat Rep. Jack Murtha called our Marines, “cold blooded killers.”
  • Then-Democrat Senator and later Secretary of State John Kerry accused our soldiers of “terrorizing women and children” in Iraq.
  • Democrat Dick Durbin, the senior senator from Illinois, compared our military police at Guantanamo Bay to Nazis and Soviet gulag guards.
  • Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy once said that, “Saddam’s torture chambers reopened under new management, U.S. management.”

In 2008 the Democratic Chairwoman of the Virginia State Board of Election (appointed by the then-Democratic National Committee Chair Sen. Tim Kaine) argued that sending absentee ballots oversees to the military ONE day before the elections was perfectly legal. REALLY? What was the motivation? Why wouldn’t we give these guys every chance to vote?

A federal court stepped in and ruled that Virginia violated federal law but conceded that without the original ballots there was no way to prove if the voting would have made a difference. So the moral to the Democrat voter story is, protect the votes of the dead, the illegal, and the non-existent, but to Hell with the military! Don’t go out of our way to accommodate in any way!

WHY would they do that to our military, you ask? Because the majority of the military tends to vote Republican conservative.

It’s so interesting that when Republicans fight to make sure every American citizen vote is protected, REAL citizens, by supporting voter ID laws, Democrats say we want to suppress the vote. In reality, the areas that have voter ID laws the numbers don’t go down, they go up! Voting among blacks and Hispanics in Georgia has DRAMATICALLY increase since 2006. In fact, it’s outpacing the state’s growth rate. Yep, they have voter ID laws!

Yet Democrats actually sued to remove an exception to give the military voters an equal chance to be counted. When called out their response was, “We are only acting in the interest of fairness!” That can only work on the planet Uranus. You know the one that spins backwards and off a normal axis!

Even Mr. Obama’s warped sense of reality shone through when he said he supported gay marriage because of the soldiers “fighting on my behalf.” Just not their right to vote! Gutta stop and think!

Jimmy Carter decided, as did Mr. Obama, that America should seek peace through weakness. He cut military spending and overlooked many issues in the Middle East. He felt it was our strength that was causing tensions with Russia, to the point of ordering his administration to dismantle 200 to 250 nuclear weapons on naval vessels in Europe and the Middle East! That worked out well!

He proposed cuts to operations and maintenance, reduced training and alert status equipment, and more. This made our B-52 aircraft, assigned to the Strategic Air Command to be ready, at the lowest it had been since before the war with only 1/3 of the equipment needed to keep us safe. This, he felt, would show the world we weren’t bullies! Is this in the Dems DNA?

After Reagan left the most peace-keeping, combat-ready force on the planet, we had peace in the Middle East, a dismantled Soviet empire, the respect of our allies, and a healthy fear from our enemies.

Next, in steps Bill Clinton. He immediately went to work cutting the military and increasing the number of interns working at the white house. Bill cut the military by almost 30%. He let 500,000 military people go. He allowed 80 ships to be mothballed without replacement. He cut the military budget by $12 billion the first year and pushed to cut it by $88 billion by end of his FIRST term.

Gen. Colin L. Powell, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, argued that the Administration’s approach was “fundamentally flawed” and what it proposing for our military was out of balance! (Sound familiar?) There was a new plan to provide $400 million in funding to expand efforts to reduce the threat from weapons of mass destruction “lost” or “misplaced” by the former Soviet Union.” Along with this proposal was a new $40 million dollar allocation to fund “counter proliferation measures” aimed at stopping the development of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons by such countries as North Korea, Iraq, and Iran. They were denied! HOW DID THAT WORK OUT?

Mr. Obama followed ALL those same flawed ideas and added some of his own! In watching a special with Brett Baier a while back, 3 of Mr. Obama’s previous Defense Secretaries all basically said the same thing… the President was wrong and dangerous when it came to foreign policy. He was more interested in having a politically correct, totally socially acceptable military than one that was fighting ready and feared!

The majority of his policies for the military have nothing to do with strengthening them, making them battle ready, or getting better equipment. NO! It’s making sure that the LGBTQ community feels comfortable joining! It’s making sure that no one is offended by what’s perceived to be racist or nasty language. It’s making sure that no one ever has to see any religious symbols, unless you’re a Sikh, then the head garb is ok, or a Muslim where special arrangements have to be made for prayer daily and no pork in some of the major mess halls. But I bet there is meat on Friday at those same mess halls, because there’s no problem insulting our Catholic friends.

Instead of money for more training or equipment, we allocated money for our men on an ROTC event to walk around in high heels for the afternoon to see what it’s like to be berated. That clown of a president, Mr. Obama, made the military a circus. This was according to his last 3 defense secretaries… NOT Joe Messina.

I will say, if these prior Secretaries of Defense are telling us the truth, Mr. Obama will eventually be known as the President who tried to bring down America. What sane person would keep shrinking his military when the world is increasingly in turmoil? What sane person would keep cutting money from the military budget and increase money to services for illegals and refugees? What sane person, stops border patrol agents from doing their job, leaving our borders basically open and unchecked.

No sane person would do that! Draw your own conclusions!

A recent report released shortly after Mr. Obama left office stated the military may be in the worst shape it has been in in 99 years. We are unable to meet any REAL demand for help in the world.

The Navy needs an additional $12 billion to get ready. The Army only has 3 of its 50 brigade combat teams ready. They need troops, training, and equipment BADLY! The Marines need $4.2 billion so they don’t have to use the money set aside for new weapons to pay its soldiers and bills.

The Air Force (sorry guys and dad, my favorite) has less than 55 of its original 135 squadrons. Plane inventory has gone from 8600 to 5500 and parts supply is almost non-existent.

Our forces are kind of ready. They are not ready to take on any incursion with the Russians or Chinese!

Senator McCain and Rep. Thornberry also said that over $100 billion will be needed to get our military back to at least where it was when Obama took office.

Refugee resettlement has cost over $1 billion a year. The immigration cost to Americans is over $113 billion a year. Simple math right.

Oh, and the wall would be free and pay for itself quickly if it even keeps out a small percentage of illegals.

Before you start complaining that we spend more money on our military than any other, let me help you keep from embarrassing yourself.

The US spends approximately 3.3% of GDP on the military. Who spends more? Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Columbia, and more spend a much bigger percentage of GDP on defense.

So, thank you Mr. Obama for increasing our refugee and illegal immigrant population and costs. Thank you for making our military the weakest it’s been in 99 years AND thank you for showing the real disdain you and others who believe like you have for this country.

President Trump, PLEASE divert whatever funds are needed toward rebuilding our military and make it bigger and better and protect our men and women in uniform.

God Bless our military and God bless the Unites States of America.

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