Who are “We”?

Do you know that there is nothing physically stopping you when you are at an intersection and the light is red? The street light that hangs on a wire or is connected to a pole is inanimate… it has no hand from which to raise up into a “stop now” position, no mouth to yell or send out a distress call … nor is physically large enough to jump down into your path, get in your way and stop you flat in your tracks.

So, what causes people to stop?

It is the respect they feel for the government in which they live and work and the fear they have to the consequences that are born into our society should you break the law and go through the red light… most of those are… a ticket… an accident… the possibility of serious injury and, sadly… death.

As an American, there are a couple of things that I hold dear and am happy to follow… One is The Constitution and the second is the traditions built upon the Constitution that has made America great, strong and united.

The Constitution, written long ago on a parchment paper is a document that starts off with three words, “We the People”… it was written to create and build a framework, a foundation on how this country should be established and what will make it and keep it the strongest country in the world should anyone or any country try to destroy it.

As the Bible is the Word of God… The Constitution is the “word of the people in America”… it is not a recommendation on how to lead and manage the myriad of incidents America will come up against… it is our “go to” to find the correct course of action when incidents occur… giving us the road map to be sure we are still on track, maintaining a unity that defends its record… it is firm and non-emotional… there are no borders that can be crossed because someone wants to cross them and there are no illegal activities that it supports; its goal is to preserve, protect and defend if necessary any one or any country that opposes setting the necessary boundaries for all of us in thought, belief and action.

But there are some who believe the Constitution is no longer valid… what is political and how you lean within the political framework should and if they have their way… be our new and only benchmark.

Offend, insult, abuse, speak rudely, lie… this is how they will speak at those who love this great document, because to them, the sense of decency and respect is not a requirement to be American… allegiance is no longer given to the flag… it is given to a philosophy and to the people and societies that are outside the continental United States and are against America and who seek to destroy it.

Men and women who simply don’t feel like following the words written in the Constitution, say and film anything that can deceiving millions of Americans into thinking it is no longer required and sadly, there are many in the media and the reach they have that supports them.

The people who are the “We” in the three first words must have a new agenda… an agenda that you would have never thought possible or would be ever needed… it is to fight for what the Constitution not only stands for, but what it does to help us live in a united society.

Are you a part of the “We Generation” ® today?

If so, get ready to go to battle and defend those 4543 original words written on parchment paper… by doing that you will be fighting to maintain the desire of the writers who sought a perfect union, establishing justice, insuring domestic tranquility, providing for common defense, promoting general welfares and secure the blessings of liberty…

Educated in the State of Washington, Tom Julian was one of the few chosen to intern with The Washington State Attorney General, Ken Eikenberry...but for reasons unknown, Tom did not pursue a law degree. Instead, Tom went to Hollywood to develop television shows. Fortunately, over the course of a few years, Tom was able to produce two Nationally Syndicated Television shows and then he was blessed to spend close to twenty years working with Fortune 500 companies in the design and manufacture of their product packaging... Apple and Callaway Golf were just a couple of the many. Today he is a full-time writer and producer. When Tom isn't writing or playing golf he loves to think, jot down ideas, buy more flash drives to store the written material and drink coffee with just the correct amount of creme to make the coffee turn a caramel color. You can find out more by going to www.tomjulian.net