Trump: The “king” of Jordan is not your friend

King Abdullah of Jordan
King Abdullah of Jordan

President Trump, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are the new President of the United States.  I helped with campaigning for you in the general election here in Israel.  What stood out for me the most is that you will let Israel run itself and move the United States Embassy from Jerusalem.

You have done an awesome job so far keeping your campaign promises. You’ve made sure that you and your administration have not taken an official stance and are staying neutral in Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  And I applaud that in your first 100 days you are meeting our Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and renewing American-Israeli relations.  Let’s face it they have been a disaster in the past 8 years.  Now I know you are receiving a lot of pressure from the Arab world in regards to the U.S. Embassy move to Jerusalem. Stand your ground.

The “king” of Jordan is not a friend to Israel or America and do not let him intimidate you on this.  He, as well as the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, has no jurisdiction when it comes to the U.S. Embassy. It belongs to you and the land of Israel belongs to Israelis.

Remember also, it was radical Islam that declared war on America back on 9/11/01 and it was the “Palestinians” who were celebrating this tragedy.  No matter what happens as long as Hamas, PLO, or Fatah exist there will always be terror against the Jewish people.  They fear this move which is why all the threats are coming from their end.  They know they will be held accountable for their terrorism when there is a good relationship between our countries.

Regarding the “King” of Jordan himself Abdullah, just remember he is responsible for aiding ISIS and inciting “Palestinians” for recent intifadas against Israelis.  He also does not keep his part with the status quo on the Temple Mount.

Continue doing what you are doing especially keeping your promises to the American people and her allies.  Recognizing Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel will definitely bless you as it says in Scriptures.


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