Sam Giancana for President?

Mob Car, Black Cadillac, Mafia
Mob Car, Black Cadillac, Mafia

Is Hilary Clinton corrupt?

To answer that, it would be important to think through the possibilities of how electable Ms. Clinton would have been if the same election in 2016; where it was clear that Ms. Clinton had been participating and cultivating an interesting life in the government; a place where through her leadership and her associates, political favors, privilege, bribery and dispensation in corruption, unlawful privacy, deception, intimidation and racketeering were being conducted and there was not only a implication or insinuation… but there was clear and irrevocable proof.

What if these acts were clearly known to the American public that lived in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s… and many of you baby boomers know what I am talking about; would she even be considered to run for the Presidency of the United States in those days?

Would the media even be able to defend her as they did in 2016… would anchors, reporters and contributors in the“mainstream media”, which back in the 60’s, was clearly, NBC, ABC & CBS, and in every living room and on each and every night at 6pm…  but would anyone, who was at an anchor desk, who looked straight into the camera have been able to lie, twist the truth, re-write the editorials and defend the corruption this woman had committed as they did in 2016… and… still remain on the air in those days?

Would people, citizens of this great country in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s have the guts to go out into the world and defend her and fight for her on the streets or send pamphlets through the mail and write on her behalf to the “Letters to the Editor” columns… would they last more than an hour defending corruption, secret emails, intimidating practices, the amazing string of deaths to those who had once worked with her, but were going to admit their wrongs to the government in a plea bargain.

Somehow trouble just seems to follow her…

Would men and women who were given the privilege (and that is how people thought of voting in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s) to vote for their leader, someone, who would have all the power needed to protect, serve, legislate, govern and lead… would the people in those days have wanted to vote for someone who clearly did not have their best interest in heart? Would patriotism as strong as it was in a public forum… who knows how people may have thought in the privacy of their home, but publicly, would people vote for corruption…

Maybe we can make more sense of this thought if in the 60’s this was on an advertisement on television…

Sam Giancana for President?

Could Sam Giancana run for President in the 60’s…  Mr. Giancana was a Sicilian American mobster, notable for being boss of the Chicago Outfit from 1957–1966. Among his other nicknames were, “Momo”, “Sam the Cigar,” and “Sammy.” I mean, I wouldn’t recommend you going against his political ambitions and who knows what a good marketing man or woman could do with those nicknames… but imagine for a moment, if you are a baby boomer, just what that might stir up within you if you were old enough to vote in the 60’s and this big ol billboard had in red, white and blue… “Vote for Giancana”?

You know how people talked about something and said, “Man, that was so right on… it just blew my mind”… well, that would have blown their top right off of them if that was an advertisement in the 60’s…

Do you think Walter Cronkite, truly a liberal, would do everything in his power to promote and defend Mr. Giancana and still be able to say, “And that’s the way it is,” defending Sam Giancana?

Would Barbara Walters or Hugh Downs on The Today Show, knowing that NBC was going to be conducting an upcoming debate, do whatever they could do to make sure Mr. Giancana knew the questions ahead of time? Would Mr. Giancana offer bribes and those who did not accept it suffer untimely consequences? Tell me, as it relates to Sam Giancana and Hillary Clinton… is one form of corruption different than another as it relates to the law?

Just a thought… but just how far have we in society become complacent in our morals and patriotism?

Could Ms. Clinton have even run for President in 1964?

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