Proof that Planned Parenthood Gives Awards to Those Who Kill the Most Babies

Planned Parenthood Certificate for Exceeding Abortion Visits
Planned Parenthood Certificate for Exceeding Abortion Visits

Planned Parenthood, and the Democrats who support them, constantly deny that they have quotas for abortions, the killing of innocent babies in the womb. Well, they have been caught red-handed in yet another lie after Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action, tweeted a picture of a certificate of excellence given to a Planned Parenthood baby chop shop in Aurora, Colorado for performing more abortions in the first half of fiscal year 2013 compared to the first half of fiscal year 2012.

Look for Planned Parenthood and their lead baby killer, Cecile Richards, to accuse Rose of doctoring a document just like they tried to discredit the Center for Medical Progress and their numerous investigative/undercover videos which exposed the true morbidity of the baby chop shops of Planned Parenthood, including illegally altering abortion procedures in order to preserve the “best organs” which would garner the most profit as they sold them.

Look also for the Democrat Media Complex to provide cover for Planned Parenthood by either not reporting this or framing the story as being an untrue allegation thereby revealing their Satanic-like obsession, just like Planned Parenthood, of murdering babies.

Reposted with permission via Jennifer Burke at PolitiStick.

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