CPAC: Reinvite Milo to be keynote speaker!

Dangerous, book cover, Milo Yiannopoulos
Dangerous, book cover, Milo Yiannopoulos

CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) is just days away and they made a bombshell announcement by pulling Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative, gay activist over controversial comments he made in an interview in a T.V. show.

Milo’s comment in the interview was inappropriate and wrong.  However, it is also wrong to be the judge and jury over a sound bite. Milo was a child who was abused, and with that, he used what hurt him to help others as an adult for the conservative movement, including outing people who actually committed the crime.

Child abuse is no joking matter, but how can we judge Milo’s soul because of what he said?  People say bad things all the time. We should get off our high horse and truly look at the side of Milo.  I know people who have been abused at a young age and sometimes use bad humor to go through hard times.  Being abused as a child is something they can never leave behind, no matter how strong a person they are.

If you were to judge people being a keynote speaker on what they say, rather than their actions, then you might as well toss out 90 percent of the speakers… including our President.  (A President who I support 100 percent, just making a point.)   Also, Milo is originally British, and they have a different sense of humor.  I can tell you living in Israel, Israelis have a different sense of humor than Americans.

By rescinding Milo’s invite it shows the public that all the hard work you do goes down the drain with one mistake.  It also shows reasons why people do leave the conservative movement. Look at all the condemnation from everyone without looking at the thorn in their own eye.

Some of the posts I see from fellow conservatives are disappointing, almost like kicking a man while he is down. That is not what a conservative does. Being a conservative is not about sainthood or righteous individuals. Sure, that’s something many strive for, but being a conservative you acknowledge people are human beings and they make mistakes.  He didn’t commit the crime and he made it clear in his statement that he is against pedophilia.

I live in a country where sound bites, photos, etc. are easily manipulated by the enemy to demonize Israel.  They use photos from other wars, as well as members of Hamas dressed like IDF soldiers to demonize our enemy.  I believe the same thing is happening with Milo.

I know a majority of Americans are Christian and Jewish and one thing I admire about both faiths is forgiveness of ones sins. I also think it is wrong to throw a fellow conservative under the bus to “avoid controversy.” It can show conservatives have no loyalty amongst each other. So please, with all due respect, reconsider your recision, invite Milo back to speak, and explain to conservatives that being a conservative is about compassion and understanding.  Something liberals do not understand.

This was an opportunity for conservatives to openly disagree with some of Milo’s statements but at the same time an opportunity to forgive and embrace. This was and still is an opportunity to close the gap of separation that this condemnation creates. To love, accept, and forgive all that are flawed instead of judging. Only two know the true intent behind the comments, BUT only one can judge.


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David Weissman was born in Queens, NY and served 13 years in the U.S. Army as a chaplain assistant, including two deployments to Afghanistan. Upon being honorably discharged he made the Jewish right of return (Aliyah) and moved to the city of Ashkelon in Israel where he experienced the war with Hamas in the summer of 2014. David is now a freelance writer living in the city of Efrat in the Jerusalem district.