Liberalism: The Religion of Hypocrisy

#IAmAMuslimToo, Rally, NYC, Time Square, video still
#IAmAMuslimToo, Rally, NYC, Time Square, video still

I have lived in Israel for over 3 years, it will be 4 years in April.  I still have friends and family back in the United States, which is why I continue to watch American news and stay involved.  I know about how ACLU is making it difficult for Christians who are the majority faith group in the United States and I click on Fox News to see a Muslim call to prayer.

What, no out cry from ACLU? So for me, who is Jewish, I am confused why one religion has superiority over another in America when all religions are supposed to be equal.

It seems, as long as a “faith” group opposes a Republican President and conservatives, anything is off the table including a Muslim call to prayer.  This was held at a rally in New York with the title, “I am a Muslim too”, a rally which mainly was there to defy the President of the United States, President Trump.

Of course the rally was lead by celebrities, which was no surprise.  They oppose the security ban meant to protect Americans from specific countries including those with a high amount of terrorism, as well as building a wall along the southern border of America.

My Spidey senses are tingling with some red flags on this rally issue.  One of the problems I am having is, why can’t a Christian say Merry Christmas or display a cross or even a tree? But it is ok for a Muslim call to prayer to be sounded in New York’s Times Square?  Why the double standard hypocrisy?

Also something to be concerned about, especially living in Israel where we deal with radical Islamic terror, is this rally was an opposition.  It was jihad at its beginning levels.  You have to look past the perception and see the facts of what was being talked about in this rally. I can bet there will be more to come, including incitement which will lead to terrorism.

You need to ask yourself, why are they protesting a ban which will keep them safe?

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David Weissman was born in Queens, NY and served 13 years in the U.S. Army as a chaplain assistant, including two deployments to Afghanistan. Upon being honorably discharged he made the Jewish right of return (Aliyah) and moved to the city of Ashkelon in Israel where he experienced the war with Hamas in the summer of 2014. David is now a freelance writer living in the city of Efrat in the Jerusalem district.


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