Katie Couric a female fetus can feel male!

Couric says female fetus can feel like a male! WOW I haven’t heard anything more ridiculous! Well maybe Hillary for President! So the arent human, thats why you can abort them! But they feel like humans. They think like Humans BUT the carrier can kill them anytime they want.  and she is smarter than me?

From the beginning, Couric stressed the “whole new vocabulary that exists” and the “generational divide” in regards to gender.

In today’s world, “it’s much more open and accepted, I think, for people to not fall into this binary that I was raised… with, this boy, girl, blue, pink,” she said on Jan. 23, “and I think for people who are a little bit older, like me, a ‘cisgender woman,’ which means I identify with the gender in which I was born, it’s very hard to wrap your head around these new concepts.”

Couric hoped her documentary would offer Americans “the vocabulary and the tools to have a real conversation about it” in order to fight the hatred that, she continued, “comes from fear and fear comes out of ignorance.”

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