Is Hillary Clinton corrupt?

Hillary Clinton, corruption, press, media bias, DOJ, Washington DC
Hillary Clinton, corruption, press, media bias, DOJ, Washington DC

Do you think Walter Cronkite, truly a liberal, would do everything in his power to promote and defend Mr. Giancana and still be able to say, “And that’s the way it is,” defending Sam Giancana?

Would Barbara Walters or Hugh Downs on The Today Show, knowing that NBC was going to be conducting an upcoming debate, do whatever they could do to make sure Mr. Giancana knew the questions ahead of time? Would Mr. Giancana offer bribes and those who did not accept it suffer untimely consequences? Tell me, as it relates to Sam Giancana and Hillary Clinton… is one form of corruption different than another as it relates to the law?

Just a thought… but just how far have we in society become complacent in our morals and patriotism?

Could Ms. Clinton have even run for President in 1964?

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