Egyptian Christians are running scared… you would be too!

Likelihood of Christian genocide in Egypt high!

Coptic Christians, Egypt
Coptic Christians, Egypt

February 24, 2017

The photo is an old photo from about four years ago. It is of a Christian woman in Syria who was tortured and killed by Islamists.

The photo appeared on Egyptian social media yesterday, Feb. 23rd. (WARNING! It’s graphic! You can see the photo on CheriBerens.) Someone placed words in Arabic onto the photo, which translates:

“Slaughter a Coptic (Christian) woman at dawn on Friday 24 of February 2017 after first slaughtering her father.”

It is speculated that it was Muslim Brotherhood who posted this, because they do this type of thing often, but it doesn’t really matter who posted it, or whether it was photo-shopped or not. The message to Egypt’s Christians was clear. And it spread like wildfire.

I posted an article yesterday titled, “Latest ISIS video: Kill all the Kufar”. In the article I described a 65-year old Egyptian Christian man who was shot and killed by ISIS, and his 45-year old son, who was set on fire and burned to death (slowly and horrifically).

Because of this double murder, the video threat from ISIS that was released February 20, targeting Egyptian Christians, and the instructions to kill Coptic women and their fathers on social media yesterday, Christians have been evacuating the city in which the two most recent murders occurred.

These Christians are now homeless and trying to find shelter and food.

Their homes and their businesses are now left abandoned.

My gut feeling is that they will lose their homes, their businesses, and their possessions, to the vulture Muslims in the area (some of whom support ISIS).

I have reported on the massacres and atrocities committed on Syrian Christians for six years. No one knows better than me that western media has purposefully ignored the massacres and atrocities. Most of the massacres were done by Obama’s pals, the “Free Syrian Army”, so of course, the massacres went unreported.

For those who don’t know, the “Free Syrian Army” originally consisted of two brigades of Egyptian and Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda members. As the months went by, Islamists were recruited from more than 80 different countries to join the fight for Islam.

In 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood erupted out of the so-called “Arab Spring” (it was actually an Islamist Spring). They wanted Islamic Law enforced in Egypt, so they overthrew the government. They almost succeeded in achieving their goal of imposing Islamic Law, but they were overthrown in 2013.

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood had the same goal, and recruited al-Qeada in Iraq to help out in Syria. So far, Syria has been able to hold out. That’s because the Syrian people are the army and they are fighting the Islamic takeover with all their might.

During the first two years, from 2011-2013, the “Free Syrian Army” mostly targeted Christian towns–soft targets–where they could quickly take vast amounts of territory.

But western media didn’t tell you any of these facts.

Around 50,000 Syrian Christians ran for their lives in 2012 as their towns were captured by al-Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army. Where did those Christians go? To government protected areas. But western news didn’t tell you that, either.

Christians went to areas where the Syrian Army protected them. But they had to leave their homes and their businesses and remain displaced until their towns could be liberated from the terrorists.

For six long years, as I reported the truth about Syria, I’ve felt great frustration that western media only promoted the “Islamist Agenda” and never reported the slaughter of Christians.

Now, I fear the same thing is beginning to happen in Egypt.

In 2013, the Egyptian people took down the Muslim Brotherhood. It was a long, hard battle, and many died in the fight. But afterwards, we here had such great hope. But I have come to realize that once the seed of Islamic Supremacy has taken hold — those seeds quickly propagate.

You would have thought that the Egyptian people (the Muslims) would have never allowed the Islamists (whether Brotherhood, Salafists or ISIS) to ever begin killing again in Egypt. But here we are.

It’s a two-part problem.

Cairo’s al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s highest authority, refuses to condemn ISIS because ISIS is doing everything according to Islamic Doctrine. ISIS is following the Quran’s instructions to a tee, and are following the exact behavior of Muhammad — who is considered the “ideal” Muslim that all men are to emulate and use as a role model.

Islam’s highest authorities are silent and thereby are condoning Islamist behavior. The second part of the problem, and why the Islamist behavior will never end, are the mosques.

My husband and I have a corner apartment. Next door to our kitchen is a mosque. And next door to our spare bedroom is a mosque. We get blasted by loudspeakers from two mosques five times a day. And on Fridays, the volume is cranked up even louder for the “sermon”. I hear what the imams say. I hear the Quran verses they use.

Quran 3:28
Let not the Believers (Muslims)
Take unbelievers for friends, nor for helpers (employees, etc).

Quran 4:101
The unbelievers are your enemies …

Quran 5:80-81
[and Allah said]
People of the Book! (Christians)
Do not exceed your boundaries!
Exceed not in your religion the bounds of what is dictated.

“Boundaries” also means restrictions. According to Islam, only Muslims have rights; all others are restricted. Christians are allowed to live only if they pay the jizya tax. Regarding not “exceeding in your religion”: Christians are not allowed to build churches or meet to pray.

Quran 5:83
Those who turn in friendship to the unbelievers (Christians),
Will result in Allah’s wrath on them;
And they will burn in hell.

Quran 8:39
And fight them until there is no more fitna (they must convert to Islam or die; there must be no more unbelievers);
And then there will be justice and faith in Allah throughout the world.

This verse is saying that Muslims must fight until there are none left who are unbelievers. Then only Muslims will be left everywhere (throughout the world).

Quran 8:57
If ye gain mastery over the unbelievers in war;
Deal with those who follow them,
So as to strike fear in those who are left behind,
And that they will remember.

When we see the atrocities committed on Christians in Syria: beheadings, crucifixions, hands and feet cut off, to name just a few (the woman in the photo had her breasts cut off); this is the strategy in the verse just mentioned. That the unbelievers who remain alive “will remember”.

Christians in countries with a Muslim majority are very afraid. The photo that went viral in Egypt yesterday is an example of what will be done to them. The 45-year old man who was set on fire is an example of what will be done to them.

The Christians that were terrorized into leaving their homes are homeless and afraid.

And what about the businesses they left behind? How are they going to provide food for their families?

I think about all of the Syrian Christians who should have been allowed into America as “refugees”, and instead only Muslims were allowed in. Tens of thousands of Muslims were allowed into America during the Obama Regime and those Muslims will go to mosque and listen to the Quran. They will be fertilized with hate and instructed not to befriend you or hire you and only to fight you.

One day YOUR lives will be in jeopardy. And don’t be naive enough to think your guns will save you. Because your immediate situation will not place you in a position where you can just go out and kill. Many hundreds of events will take place first before you will be able to raise your guns. Trust me. There will be protests, riots, violence in the streets. And at first you will just watch it on TV like we did here in Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood were running amuck.

You will be caught off guard because that is their key strategy above all others. That is the sole purpose of suicide bombings–mass casualties at markets, malls, schoolyards and bus stops. In Syria they targeted school bus stops and universities. Your media didn’t tell you that, either.

And your guns will not protect your wives and daughters from being raped when they are on their way to work or school, distracted with their cell phones or texting.

I will leave you with two Quran verses to ponder:

Rouse the believers (Muslims) to fight.
If there are twenty of you,
Conquer two hundred unbelievers;
If a hundred are among you,
Conquer one thousand.
… besiege and ambush them.
Use every strategy of war.
Quran 8:65 and 9:5

See the photo and an additional video at CheriBerens.

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.