Yes, CAIR is influencing Hollywood movies

Send Hollywood a message on January 24th!

Meryl Streep meme
Meryl Streep meme

In December of 2015, the Muslim Brotherhood group, CAIR, made several announcements on Twitter. They have a Motion Picture Special Interest Group, a group of highly trained activists, who had made several visits to producers, directors and other influential people in the Motion Picture Industry.

The goals stated in the CAIR announcement were that they wanted to stop story lines, plot, or characters, that depicted Muslims as terrorists, or any type of bad guy in a movie. Even if it was a movie based on a true story (kudos for Mark Wahlberg and his movie Patriot’s Day–he has received flack for the portrayal of the Boston Bomber’s converted wife).

But what was also alarming is CAIR’s goal was also to talk script writers and producers into making movies showing more women wearing headscarves.

CAIR is demanding that headscarves should be seen more often in movies so that Americans do not feel alarmed or intimidated by the growing Muslim presence in America.

CAIR’s theory was that there will be more “Islamophobia” if Americans aren’t “conditioned” to see headscarves.

And worse, Children’s movies and Children’s TV shows are being targeted by CAIR to force the TV and movie industry into showing more female children wearing the head scarf.

The headscarf is a big issue for me because I know that headscarves are not a religious requirement, but a devious act of oppression and control. Once a girl starts wearing one, she can never take it off. It’s not mandatory to wear one, so promoting it is pure evil. Especially in America!

CAIR wants children wearing the headscarf to look “cool”. CAIR wants to influence America’s children into thinking it’s cool when in reality it is a symbol of oppression and domestic violence.

You can bet that CAIR is also targeting movie stars to promote this kind of crap. I heard a clip of Meryl Streep (the Creep). She mentioned the abundance of foreigners in the Motion Picture Industry.

The Academy Awards this year will be held in 48 days, on February 26th. In two weeks, on January 24th, the announcement will be made as to who is being nominated for the various awards.

After listening to the clip of Meryl Streep the Creep, I think we should be prepared to pounce on those nominated starting the day they are nominated, and never stopping until the day of the Awards.

These wealthy, Hollywood elites do not represent America, otherwise Hillary would have won. These Hollywood elites are partly what is wrong with America because they back the things we do not want in America.

They need to hear from us that we do not want to hear their biased and uninformed rants. That they do not speak for us.

Millions of people watch the Awards, and the show is seen in countries around the world. It makes me ill to see America represented by these uninformed, lying fools.

Republished with permission. SherineElgammal/FB

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.