Women’s ‘Unity’ Rally: Democrat hypocrisy on full display

Womens March, Tolerance
Womens March, Tolerance

Over the weekend, several left wing organizations held a “NH Women’s Day of Unity and Action” rally in Concord. One of the biggest sponsors was Planned Parenthood. They claim to be the voices for all women but women who are pro-life weren’t invited. Even women who agree with the left on every issue other than abortion were not welcome.  As a matter of fact, women who disagree with extreme left wing ideology weren’t welcome to the event at all. they protested on the sidewalk instead. It wasn’t about women uniting; it was about pushing the same failed left wing ideology that helped Democrats lose to Republicans across the country in the 2016 elections.

The “New Hampshire Women’s Foundation,” another left wing organization that has popped up in the Granite State says the following:

This is an inclusive day of action and unity. We believe in the strength possible when we act together and the necessity to build diverse coalitions because defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us. All are welcome who stand for religious freedom, women’s rights, human rights, climate justice, racial justice, economic justice, and reproductive justice.

It’s unclear exactly what “reproductive justice” actually is but they’re for it! It’s also not clear what “climate justice” is supposed to represent. Is Mother Nature demanding a lawyer?

The “Women’s Rally” wasn’t about “unifying all women” as they claimed and it was hardly inclusive. Pro-life women were actually uninvited to participate. Apparently the only women that matter to the left are those who are pro-abortion. It’s interesting they claim these groups are all “marginalized.” The left has spent the last 8 years marginalizing every American who didn’t agree with their extreme leftism. The left lost the election because they marginalized blue collar workers; gun owners; conservative women; pro-lifers; white men; police officers; Christians; those for traditional marriage and the list goes on. Apparently they haven’t learned their lesson.

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