Women’s March towards Islam?

American Flag, Head Scarf, Women's March
American Flag, Head Scarf, Women's March

Due to the time difference here in Egypt, I had to stay up all night for three nights to watch the pre-inauguration, inauguration, and post inauguration activities. Many thousands of Egyptians did the same. Every coffee shop with a satellite dish was packed to the maximum. Egyptians were enthralled and impressed by the peaceful process, but also the pomp and circumstance.

The coffee shop roared loudly with cheers when Trump said “radical Islam will be eradicated from the planet”. We here in Egypt have experienced many terror attacks and all of us have experienced the death of a friend or family member who were members of the Army and who fight ISIS on a daily basis.

On the third night, as we settled in at the coffee shop, anticipating another exciting night of informative news, we instead sat in silence and horror.

First we saw protesters smashing windows and torching cars.

Hushed murmuring began all around me as every single Egyptian in the coffee shop could be heard saying the words: “Muslim Brotherhood”.

The images we were watching could have been taken right from a street in Egypt. It is exactly what we had experienced on a daily basis for more than a year.

Before 2012, the year the Muslim Brotherhood took power in Egypt, no one would ever think of damaging someone’s car or business. Egyptians work hard to feed and support their families. It was unheard of to see someone deliberately smash someone else’s car or shop and hinder their ability to feed their family.

But mobs of Muslim Brotherhood would “protest” in the streets, ripping apart public and private property and disabling normal activity — just as we were now watching on TV. Some of the “protesters” even covered their faces in the exact same way the Muslim Brotherhood do.

Compounding the upsetting visuals of violence was the police appearing in a quasi-helpless state. Again the words “Muslim Brotherhood” were mumbled throughout the coffee shop. The Muslim Brotherhood had disabled our police force via accusations of police brutality long before the violent protests began.

Via a well-calculated program of propaganda and lies, they were able to make the police force impotent. Police became afraid to stop the protests for fear of being accused of brutality. But how do you stop violence without a bit of violence in return?  You can’t!  Their plan worked and the violent protests continued.

During the last two weeks, 29 police officers have been killed in Egypt. Once the Muslim Brotherhood put this idea of “police brutality” into place, police officers became fair game and are killed on a regular basis. Before 2012, this was absolutely unheard of.

Then on the TV we began to see video of the “Women’s March”.

The entire coffee shop gasped in disbelief at the vision of American women donning the headscarf. And worse, some of the headscarves were made of the American flag.

Even in Egypt, Muslim women do not desecrate the Egyptian flag by wearing it as a headscarf. You do not wear the national flag as clothing. It would be a desecration of what the flag stands for: National Identity, the Constitution (which Egyptians fought hard for in 2013), and, the Armed Forces who protect and serve us.

The women in the coffee shop began to get visibly agitated. One said, “We have been fighting to remove the headscarf, why are these stupid women putting them on?”

It was explained on TV that the “Women’s March” was based on “a Civil Rights platform”. The women in the coffee shop shook their heads and asked, Rights? “The headscarf will take away your rights!” one young woman shouted.

The Grand Mufti of al-Ahzar, the highest authority of Sunni Islam, announces periodically that the headscarf is not a religious requirement. Furthermore, anyone who has read the Quran or studied Islam knows this to be true. Though most everyone knows this, women continue to be forced to wear one.

And here, in front of our eyes, were non-Muslim women donning the headscarf!

In Muslim countries such as Egypt, women who do not wear a headscarf are often sexually harassed or attacked. They are beaten; they are raped; and sometimes, they are killed. In 2012, when the Muslim Brotherhood took power, there were several attacks on Christian women on trains. They were grabbed, their hair chopped off, and they were pushed off the fast-moving train. They were told they must wear a headscarf — even though they are not Muslim.

Any country in which the headscarf is imposed, women always suffer from abuses and restrictions.

In Egypt, many men buy motorcycles rather than cars in order to save money. It’s quite common to see a husband, wife, and a few children all on a motorcycle. But the women always ride side saddle. Why? Because Egyptians have been told by imams that a woman who straddles the motorcycle will become out of control with lust and will have sex with many men. Women know this is untrue, but if they straddle the motorcycle, they know they risk being mob attacked and raped.

In Iran, it is against the law for women to ride bicycles for same reason.

ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria have made it law that women cannot sit on chairs. The men who made this law say the chair will stimulate the woman’s vagina and make her out of control with lust. They say the law was created “to protect men”. Men will become tempted to sin by an “out of control” woman; therefore, women must be restricted as to what they can sit on.

In parts of Sudan it is against the law for a woman to wear pants, even loose fitting trousers. The crotch of the pants may throw her into a spiral of lust and she may tempt a man to sin. In 2012, as the Muslim Brotherhood were gaining full control in North Africa, including Sudan, one woman was executed for wearing trousers.

Once these types of restrictions are implemented, there is no return to normalcy or common sense.

In most Muslim communities, even Muslim communities in America, the headscarf eventually leads to the full veil because the headscarf leads to the belief that women easily become sexually “out of control”, or, they become too “tempting”. But ironically, once veiled, women are then seen as “hiding their sexuality” and this seems to arouse Muslim males.

Two studies in Saudi Arabia found that once veiled, young girls are then seen as sexual and this sexualization of young girls results in a rise in rapes:  25% of veiled girls between ages 6 and 12 had been sexually abused in some manner; and, 82% of veiled girls between ages 12 and 14 had been raped.

This is what American women should be protesting.

This “Women’s March” wasn’t about Trump. Trump is being used as a scapegoat for the Muslim agenda.

I follow more than 100 Muslim Brotherhood groups in America and also several of their most powerful activists. They were all promoting this “Women’s March”. The activists, who call themselves “community organizers”, targeted African Americans and Hispanics, but even more heavily targeted was the LBGT community, Pro-Choice groups, and vulnerable university students.

Why Pro-Choice?
Abortions are illegal in Islam, and no Muslim woman would dare have one. Yet the Muslim organizations who were promoting this event targeted Pro-Choice groups. They want American women to have abortions. They want the non-muslim population to be stagnant while their Muslim population grows. Numbers mean power.

Why LBGT? 
According to Islam, homosexuality is a crime punishable by death. Muslims despise homosexuals. Yet the Muslim organizations promoting this event targeted the LBGT community. They stated they were promoting the “rights” of the LBGT community. They did this to gain solidarity with them. But at some point, the LBGT community will be asked to sign petitions that declare Muslims are being persecuted against, that Muslims suffer from “Islamophobia”. Muslim organizations have been successfully targeting Christian and Jewish groups for signatures on their Islamophobia Petition. You can bet they will soon target the LBGT community for signatures also.

The Muslim Brotherhood organization CAIR knows that if only Muslim groups petition for Islamophobia Laws, these laws won’t have a chance. But if Christians, Jews and the LBGT community sign the Petitions, they have a good chance of implementing these new Islamophobia laws. CAIR National and all of their state chapters were involved in the promotion of the “Women’s March”.

The Muslim Brotherhood organization, Muslim Student Association (MSA), targeted university students throughout America to go to this “Women’s March”. MSA has their fingers on the pulse of the “gender identity crisis”. They want American Youth to be confused and frozen. They want American Youth to be non-productive beings obsessed with their “civil right” to a “safe space” and “time outs” when they feel stress.

They want a young male population that is weakened, or with confused female tendencies, whether real, imagined, or transgendered. They want to confuse the American Youth so they are helpless and unable to fight. They want to oppress the women and weaken the men.

And the rest of America? They are controlling you via the media.

Most Americans have been focused on the stupidity of some of the goings on at the Women’s March, instead of the deviousness of it. They want you distracted so that you won’t see what is really happening behind the scenes.

Very powerful Muslim Brotherhood organizations helped organized and promoted this event targeting very specific groups. And, starting in 1962, the Muslim Brotherhood placed very powerful people in the media profession to co-opt the media.

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.