To American with Love!

Dear America
I write to you at a time when we all should be celebrating and looking forward to better times. We have just inaugurated a brand new President, for four years, and even though some are unwilling or unable to accept it, the fact he is President remains unchanged.

The Presidential Race was hard and for most of us went on far too long. The Media decided to support Hillary Clinton, even to the extent of lying about Donald Trump. Accusation after accusation, without evidence or base. His every commentary twisted and taken out of context and whilst he was far from perfect, he did not deserve that level of response.

Whilst Hillary was off conspiring with George Soros and accepting donations from any who felt they could gain influence over and above that which she gave whilst in the State office, Mr Trump campaigned tirelessly. All of this was under the eyes of then President Barack Obama who failed to ensure the cleanliness of his staff, even to the point of allowing them to commit treasonous acts.

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