The New Circus In Town

Liberal democrat millennial protesters seem to have a problem with democracy when election don’t turn out their way.

It finally happened. The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus is closing very shortly.

There’s nothing to fear over losing this circus because another is actively swelling to massive proportions. Hysteria and annihilation are the main attractions. It’s the Left’s Circus over the duly elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Democrats spent much of the last eight years harping that the GOP was close to extinction.

That’s partly true, which is why the 2016 election was so vital and imperative. Another four, let alone, eight years of the Left, would have secured a receding of the Republican Party as well as of America as she was meant to be.

It’s preferable to avert blanket statements and try to discriminate between Democrats, Liberals and the Left. The latter, in my opinion, is unsalvageable. They continually and constantly show with their hostility toward any one or any thought that is not a clone of theirs. Likewise, not all Republicans can be authentically be categorized as the far right which is negatively portrayed as rigid and “deplorable”.

Deplorable is an interesting word; especially being coined by Hillary Clinton. It was aimed at “half” of the Trump supporters—again, interesting. She would later feign “regret” which terminated in being languid but humorous. Her regret was not that she used the adjective that insulted and demeaned what would turn out to be over 30 million people but she merely regretted using the word “half”.

Hillary had plenty of caustic loyal advisors yet not one of them told her to just remain silent and put down the shovel from deepening the big hole. It is curious though, that no one ever asked her which half; what was the delineation?

In the end, that comment cost her much more than it did any Trump voter; she lost.

That loss brings us to the subject at hand: the new circus.

Many thought the show would wane after a few post-election days. We had no idea it would get crazier, more outrageous and tragically, flat-out perilous.

The Left and many Democrats refuse to accept the democratic results of November 8, 2016.

Death threats have and are being made on Trump and while some supporters have been physically attacked and beaten. Too many of the protests were and are nothing more than hoodlums rioting and vandalizing police cars and private property.

As of this writing, 68 Democrats refuse to attend President Trump’s inauguration. I would offer that the decision is absolutely no big deal for Trump or Republicans as its clear who’s on the high road. The ill-mannered deniers however are blatantly rejecting America and her democracy which includes a smooth transition of power.

Undeniably the chosen boorish behavior reflects very negatively on them, individually and as a group.

A realistic observation is that their non-attendance is a plus. Taxpayers will not have to incur the expenses of hauling them around or funding their imbibing. Most of all, it precludes the presence of their negativity.

January 20, 2017 is to be a day of celebration and hope for the future for those who historically have not been afforded a voice. They were overlooked with being considered unimportant soil-tilling, wheat-harvesting, cow-milking, tractor-driving farmers and backwoods coal miners.

Trump’s election upset a lot of the apple carts owned by people who thought their elitist refuges were congealed and hermetic.

The once-safe places of egotism for celebrities and the Beltway Dwellers, which by the way embraces more than just Democrats, have now been breached.

Trump’s election diminished the party of Democrats, which taints the ones that are reasonable. Trump successes will further diminish the party and they know it, thus an immense reason for much of the hysteria.

The rage is so deep that entertainers who have been asked to perform at the inauguration ceremonies have had death threats.

Democrats are not getting the message; the more the hysteria and threats and the bigger the circus, the more they tell Trump voters they made the right decision. All of the circus acts may well escort President Donald Trump to eight years in the oval office.

A lot of voters were incredibly despondent and sickened when Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012. We had experienced what we believed to be a tragic path for America and our lives.

We lived through it. Today’s naysayers can too, but they have no intention of even trying.

Betty Arenson is a Valencia resident who believes in the Constitution in its entirety and that laws should be upheld and apply to everyone equally.