The Muslim Brotherhood vs. President Trump

The Muslim Brotherhood in America is organizing a massive campaign to reverse President Trump's Immigration Order and to stop Extreme Vetting.

The Muslim Brotherhood organization, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), has been announcing on their Facebook and Twitter pages that they are going to reverse President Trump’s recent immigration orders.

How? Primarily via Christian and Jewish groups who have been participating in the Brotherhood creation, Interfaith.

Interfaith is a well-planned strategy created in the 1980’s to infiltrate non-Muslim religious groups in order to feed them false information about Islam and to indoctrinate them into believing Islam is peaceful and harmless, but also, primarily to use these groups to advance their pro-Islamic agenda.

When CAIR needs signatures, they target Jewish and Christian groups that have been fully indoctrinated by the Muslim Brotherhood’s  Interfaith strategy.

For example, when CAIR wants to implement a Muslim lane at a supermarket (where the checkout clerk refuses to touch pork or alcohol), CAIR petitions local law makers. CAIR will attain 50 or more signatures on these petitions, in which every signature is a leader of a Christian or Jewish group. The Christian and Jewish groups that belong to these Interfaith groups think they are fighting “discrimination”, but they are being propagandized and exploited. And in reality, they are taking away YOUR rights.

CAIR also uses this tactic when they want crosses removed (because crosses offend Muslims) or when they want private “prayer rooms” for employees; thus enabling Muslim employees to be allowed more breaks than non-Muslim employees.

Now CAIR is doing the same strategy, rallying non-Muslim groups, primarily Interfaith groups, to sign petitions and to attend town hall meetings and rallies at various state capitals, demanding Trump’s immigration orders be stopped.

CAIR national, and all of their state branches, plus some of their city branches, such as CAIR San Francisco, CAIR San Diego, CAIR Philadelphia, CAIR Chicago, CAIR Dallas-Ft. Worth, to name just a few, have all joined this new campaign to rally people to remove Trump’s immigration orders and also stop Trump’s plan to vet “refugees” more carefully.

So far, the CAIR state branches that I’ve seen who are massively promoting this fight against Trump’s orders, are Alabama, Washington, Missouri, California, Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, New York, and Pennsylvania. But they were adding new states quite rapidly, so I’m sure this list is growing as I write this. I am positive that CAIR will soon have every one of its state branches participating in this campaign.

CAIR has been announcing Town Hall Meetings, targeting local representatives, but they are also announcing meetings with representatives at your state capitols.

You must combat this by contacting your state and local representatives and let them know you support President Trump in his endeavors to protect America and its citizens via his Immigration order and his Extreme Vetting proposal.

CAIR National, its state branches, and other Muslim Brotherhood groups such as ICNA, ISNA and MPAC — all powerful Muslim Brotherhood organizations — are all promoting this campaign against Trump.

Every one of these organizations have powerful “media campaigns”. Some even have “journalist guides” for your local TV stations and newspapers. The media will be hijacked into participating in this campaign. So you must contact your local media as well as mainstream media when you see them spreading biased reporting making it out that the majority of American are against Trump’s immigration orders.

Thanks to the Internet, its easy to find the email address and phone numbers of your state and local representatives. Contact them and let them know you support Trump regarding his Immigration Order and Extreme Vetting.

Also contact your local media, as well as mainstream media.

Contact your local Town Hall and your State Capitol to see if there is a rally or meeting being planned.

Only YOU can combat CAIR.

Originally posted at CheriBerens

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.