During last night’s Golden Globe Awards instead of voicing an acceptance speech, Meryl Streep claimed that “all of us in this room (HOLLYWOOD ELITES), really belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now.”

In an attempt to be helpful, here are a just a few words of advice to help you all (HOLLYWOOD ELITES) become less-vilified:

Trump isn’t blowing a dog whistle to brain-dead citizens eagerly awaiting marching orders. He’s voicing what we see in you; a group that is increasingly whiney, obnoxious, pushy, and arrogant. People who must inform us of their world view, as if we aren’t capable of developing one on our own. Then who impose that view on us, and when we don’t go along you engage in name-calling, public humiliation, and ostracizing.  So, when you think you’re putting down Trump, you’re putting down us, the people of America who Trump has given a voice, and who then decide to shell out twenty bucks of our hard-earned money to buy a movie ticket to support you… or not.

So…Stop with the Trump bashing!  No matter what atrocities you dredge up, it’s old news.  We’ve already heard about them and researched them (something I dare say you have).  AND THE WINNER IS… Whatever his misdeeds (real and made up), our conclusion is that he still gets higher ratings in the most likeable, well-behaved, and patriotic categories than you.

If you “feel” vilified, maybe it’s not as strong as all that.  But you might take time to look at what “part you play” in it.  If not, you’ll probably never understand and accept that because of your behavior, “Maybe We’re Just Not Into You.”

Ms. Streep (who is ridiculously talented) ridiculously stated that they (HOLLYWOOD ELITES) are all types who show us what it’s like to be who we are. (If you think this is a lie, watch her Golden Globe speech!).  In other words: They (HOLLYWOOD ELITES) are regular people who become mega rich, surrounded by yes people, isolated from regular people (except those who serve them), and who no longer have to deal with the real-life struggles of regular people. But thank goodness they portray regular people in their films so regular people know what it’s like to be regular people.  … And then they seal clapped and wiped away tears (I’m serious, Watch the speech!).  This should go without saying, but let’s throw it out there…  We know what it’s like to be a regular person! – We play one in real life! – All we ask you do to is entertain us!  If you do that, you may feel far less vilified.

You are great talents at what you do.  But no more or less than our plumber who can unstop our toilet better than our dentist could.  We don’t need one to do the other’s job.   Hard to believe, but we’re not stupid enough to expect one to do the others job. If you don’t want to feel vilified (which is questionable, because of the attention it brings but that’s another topic altogether) simply stick to the script – In other words, the skills you’ve been blessed with, and stop vilifying the American people, so we could all better “co-exist”.


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