White Helmets do not exist. Stop falling for the media lies.

White Helmet propaganda
White Helmet propaganda, Syria

Please look at these photos. All three are of the same girl being “rescued”. Your media shows you these same scenarios over and over but say they are occurring in different places, or different days. Note the guy on the left with the White Helmet. That’s how this propaganda network started.

The White Helmets do not exist. They are members of al-Qaeda and Free Syrian Army. The following is from Cheri Berens’ article on the White Helmets:

“The White Helmets are a George Soros, UK and U.S. funded propaganda organization created to give “cause” for an intervention — an intervention that will enable foreign Islamist groups to implement an Islamic Law state of Syria.

“The “Free Syrian Army” started out with two primary brigades: the Farouq and the Khalid ibn Walid. The Khalid ibn Walid brigade was funded and armed by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

The Farouq brigade consisted of Salafists (Saudi Arabian Wahhabists), who were armed and funded by Saudi Arabia and were affiliates of al-Qaeda.

“In 2013, the Syrian Army was winning the battle against the Islamist takeover, and in order to reverse this, the Islamists needed an “intervention” that would assist and support their Islamist armies inside Syria.

“Enter the US, UK and George Soros

“The Free Syrian Army’s Farouq brigade was extremely knowledgeable regarding media and social networking. The group already had experts who produced dramatized videos for the television networks of Qatar (al-Jazeera) and Saudi Arabia (al-Arabiya).

“Hence, from these already experienced creators of “documentary-style” propaganda films, came another outlet of propaganda: The White Helmets.

“Muslim Brotherhood groups in the UK, the US, and a Syrian ‘opposition’ group called the “Syrian National Council”, a Syrian Muslim Brotherhood group, were all involved in the startup process of the White Helmets.

“Then, immediately following its creation, $13 million dollars was given to the White Helmets, part of which came from a non-governmental organization (NGO) tied to George Soros.” (above was an excerpt from Cheri’s article).

If you read Cheri’s full article, money later came from the U.S. State Department to the White Helmets. For full details go to Cheri Berens website and read the full article called: White Helmets: An Islamist propagandist group and funded arm of the U.S. government.

But also, know this: as activists are exposing the White Helmets’ faked, dramatized “rescue” videos, they have recently switched gears and are making faked dramatized videos of children supposedly in a hospital room being treated after “Assad” conducted a massacre.

As mentioned, these guys specialize in dramatized videos for al-Jezeera and al-Arabiya television stations. They are good at it. They have makeup specialists, etc. They have Hollywood style sets, technical skills, and various equipment–all funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Also, these kids are used over and over – they’ve become: 1) good at being actors; 2) are actually traumatized by the creeps who groom them; 3) are often drugged.

Syrians do not kill Syrians. Stop falling for this stuff.

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.