“Unexpected” Results of Vote Recount

Jill Stein
Jill Stein

For many people the result of the elections were unexpected because so many polls predicted Hillary Clinton’s victory. In some states believed to be Democrat, Donald Trump was able to obtain a victory, causing people like the Green Party nominee, Jill Stein, to ask for a recount claiming the possibility of cyber-hacking.  She asked for donations and summited a requested in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin where Trump won without a large margin.

Finally, on Monday, people got to see the results: Donald Trump votes increased by 0.06 percent in Wisconsin. Yes. After all the money and time wasted that is the product of the recount.

What about the recount in Pennsylvania and Michigan?

The Huffington Post reported that:

U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith halted the Michigan recount on Wednesday night precisely because he saw no specific evidence of malfeasance.

In Pennsylvania, where constituents and not candidates can request a recount if they witness any irregularity, judges did not approve the recount since the election showed no evidence of compromise.

U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond stated that:

“Most importantly, there is no … compelling evidence that Pennsylvania’s voting system was not in any way compromised”

He also said the lawsuit suffered from a lack of standing, potentially the lack of federal jurisdiction.

Of course, that wasn’t what Stein and her supporters wanted to hear. They believe that:

“Requiring voters to contest an election as “illegal” in order to get a statewide recount “denies and severely burdens the right to vote and… violates substantive Due Process under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

To obtain the vote recount, Stein fundraised millions of dollars and, as many expected, was not able to demonstrate the cyber-hacking or other accusations of illegitimacy.

Although the Green Party nominee has stated that:

“The recount does not benefit one candidate over another. It benefits all voters across the political spectrum,”

Some people wonder why Stein went to all the trouble to get a recount when she only won 1 percent.

Geoffrey Skelley, associate editor of the University of Virginia Center for Politics’ nonpartisan election newsletter, believes that the reason lies in personal benefits such a large list of donors.

“It is a nice public relations moment for her. She can use it to build fundraising lists … It is the most public exposure Jill Stein has gotten as a political figure. I have been asked more about Jill Stein in the past two weeks than in the entire campaign”

What do you think is the real reason Stein decided to waste money and time trying to prove cyber-hacking without actual evidence?

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