Kerry says Obama allowed the Israel sanction for world peace!

John Kerry, Iran Deal, Negotiations
John Kerry, Iran Deal, Negotiations

During a farewell speech at the State Department, Kerry explained the U.N. decision in his most extensive terms yet. He said it was about preserving the two-state solution, which he called the only way to a “just and lasting peace.”

“That future is now in jeopardy,” he warned.

A U.S. abstention on the U.N. Security Council resolution calling Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem a violation of international law allowed the measure to pass Friday – and sent the already-turbulent relationship between the Obama and Netanyahu governments into its rockiest stretch yet.

In a written statement, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ripped Kerry’s speech as “skewed.”

“Like the Security Council resolution that Secretary Kerry advanced in the UN, his speech tonight was skewed against Israel,” he said. “For over an hour, Kerry obsessively dealt with settlements and barely touched upon the root of the conflict — Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state in any boundaries.”

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